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10 Gmail Labs Apps You Should Enable

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Gmail is being used worldwide from every professional to a student. It has been the top email service due its simple interface and great features. Apart from its features and interface Gmail provides you with almost 50 selective plugins-like apps, which will make your G-mail experience more unique and convenient. There are almost 50+ Labs apps developed by Gmail which you can choose to enable. Organizing and filtering your emails to using it offline, there are whole lot of bigger things to do with these apps.

Here I will discuss about 10 Gmail Labs apps that’s worth enabling. To enable these Labs features, log-in to your Gmail account and click on “Settings”. There you should see the Labs tab. Click on that for a list of all the available features or click here to go directly to the settings page.

1. Inserting Images: This app gives you an option in your editor interface to upload an image from your desktop or from picassa web album or from a custom URL in your message body. The uploaded image will be saved in your picassa web album. This lab will not work if you have offline enabled.

2. Undo Send: Have you ever mistakenly send an email to your boss which was supposed to be send to your girlfriend??? This is a must app for everyone, which allows you to undo a sent email and stops being it send within a period of 3 secs.

3. Custom Text Formatting: This app allows you to save your custom text styling as default. You can change the font style, size and color according to your preference. The custom text formatting will be used in your message body whenever you send an email.

4. Signature tweaks: This app allows you to place your signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the “– –” line that appears before signatures. Although you can customize you signature styling in the General settings tab and also add your twitter, fb or linkedin profile links with your signature.

5.Picassa and Flickr Previews: These are two different labs apps, which you can enable either of them or both of them. Both these app works in a similar manner. Both the apps shows you an image preview whenever you receive a Flickr or Picassa image link in an email.

6. Google Docs Preview: This app is also similar to two of those above. The only difference is previews of image and documents. This app allows to show preview of documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly within an email whenever you receive a link of any Google Docs. Also it gives an option to directly open the document in Google Docs.

7. Video Chat Enhancements: This app allows you to make your video chat more comfortable and convenient. This app enables new features in Gmail voice and video chat which includes higher resolution videos with bigger windows.

8. Google Docs Gadget: This app add a box to the left sidebar. The gadget will display your documents with Google Docs. It will also display your recent docs, starred docs and also adds a search box at the top to search documents within Google Docs.

9. Nested Labels: This app allows you to create a hierarchy of your labels. For instance, you need to create a hierarchy of Friends, then create a new label like Friends/Sahil, Friends/Jenny or something like RSS/iBlognet, RSS/Lifehacker. Just add a slash after the label for which you want to create a hierarchy.

10. Smart Labels: This app was recently lauched by Gmail. This app is a complement to the priority inbox. It classifies you email to Bulk, notification and Forums automatically. You can also assign a category to emails which you receive. Read more about this app here.

That’s it!!! If this is not enough for you, then head over to the the Gmail Labs App Settings page for more interesting apps or if you think I have missed out something, then shoot me back 😉

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