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10 Golden Rules To Rank on 1st Page of Google

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Everyday millions of website are created and launched on a variety of niche and everyone want its website to pop up on the first page of search engines as soon as possible. Ranking on first page of Google is not a kids ball game, that you can win it within an hour. If you wanna earn that gold, you have to dig it harder.

You need to screw up your nuts and bolts and have some patience. Because its not that easy to rank your keywords on Google’s 1st page. You might also have seen those NOOB ads, where they guarantee you to rank your website on 1st page of Google for heap some amount of 50 to 60$ in 24 hrs. Don’t ever think of buying those methods. They are all just useless and the loss would be all yours.

In fact, continue reading this article and you would find some useful tips and ways, which is worth of that 50$ Ad. 😉 In the preceding section I will show you how you can rank your content on Google’s 1st page, by just following some basic rules consistently.

1. Unique Title & Description Pages
This is the first thing you should remember, that having unique page title and description is a must for every webmaster. This is the first thing that is seen by users and by search engine crawlers. Make sure you make your page title and description look more appealing to your target audience. Try to establish a title that summarises the page content using the strongest keywords from the body of your text. Also place the strongest keywords at the beginning of the title.

2. Keywords in Title
Make sure, you don’t forget to add keywords in the title. Try to add keywords at the begining of the title, because page titles have char limits and your title may be truncated in search engine results. The keywords used in the page title and description must match those used in the body of your text. Visitors and search engines do not like being misled. Don’t cram your title with just keywords in the hope that your web site will have more visitors. Your site may get penaltied and search engines may mark your site as a spam.

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3. Keywords in Description
The Page description comes beneath Page Title so this is an important area for both visitors and search engines.. The page description is also seen in search engine results, so make sure you try to add those page title keywords within first sentence of the first paragraph. WordPress users can add custom description by using SEO plugin.

4. Clean Code
The code is not being seen visually, but try to keep your site code clean and low in size as possible. If your website is taking time to load or heavily designed with Frontpage, this might affect your search engine ranking on 1st page. Try to avoid flash objects on page or if you are using javascripts, make sure you compress them well.

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5. Optimized Images
Graphics are the main source in designing a website and in the content, that makes it look more professional and attractive. Graphics are good until they load quickly. Some webmasters just focus on the web design and text content so heavily, that they literally forget about optimizing images. So its important that you should try avoid using less images on site design and in content too.

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6. Submit Sitemap
The Sitemaps protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. By submitting sitemap your pages gets indexed in search engines. So it’s important that you create a comprehensive sitemap, which will help Google and other search engines crawl your site better and help you in getting more traffic for a long time. You can use XML Sitemap Generator to generate sitemaps and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. If you are a wordpress user, you can install Google XML Sitemaps plugin or if you are a blogger user you can check this article by Amit Agarwal.

7. Website Directories
Submit your website to sites like DMOZ and Google Local. Don’t just keep on submitting your website to each and every directory, as search engines might mark you site as a spam. Select only those, which are reputable and manually handled directories.

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8. Get and Give Link Love
In SEO, its important that you should link out to other websites. And if you start sending them traffic to them they will eventually link you back if they find useful content on your site. And if they link back this might be helpful to you. Linking to them doesn’t improve their ranks significantly, because chances are that, the site you’re trying to get a link from is already better placed than yours. So think twice before you link out. There are many ways to link out, like using a blogroll, using trackbacks, or by enabling dofollow links.

9. Track Progress
As time passes, your site will start ranking higher, so its better that you should start tracking your website progress by using Google Analytics soon. By using Google Analytics you will get to know number of unique visitors coming to your site per day, which keywords are ranking higher for your site, your daily revenues, your site speed report and many more.

10. Fresh, Unique & Consistency
That’s the last and simple thing you should remember. People and search engines both love fresh content. Posting fresh and unique articles consistently will fetch more visitors to your site. No one likes to read a newspaper with same news again and again everyday. 😉 This is the best way to connect with your audience and improve search engine rankings.

Just try to remember and follow up these rules, and you will start seeing your site ranking higher on 1st page of Google. Hope, this article will somehow save you from wasting your $50 on that NOOB ad. Do share your views!!!

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1 Ankit

Great tips for getting a post to rank on Google first page. But I don’t think that getting a backlink from DMOZ directory can help much. DMOZ is now dead, it doesn’t approve any blogs now.
Also, I have read that some of the approves (editors) even charge money for listing blogs.

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