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10 Killer SEO Tips For Your Marketing Campaign

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Starting an SEO Marketing campaign can sometimes be difficult because everyone has different implementation techniques. And many times those who are in the business awhile also gets confused due to changes in SEO trends and tactis like Google Panda and Google Penguin updates by Google.


If you’re considering to implement SEO as a part of your marketing campaign then here are some effective tips that most experts seem to agree on. Following these tips, you can launch a successful campaign avoiding some common SEO mistakes.

10 SEO Tips For Marketing Campaign

1. Perform a thorough keyword research. Find targeted keywords ranking higher in search engines that is related to your marketing campaign. And use them wherever possible; like in title tags, descriptions or any content. But don’t just stuff them. Keywords can make a huge difference.

competitors2. Find and keep a track of your competitors. Check what’s working for them and what’s not! Though it’s not easy to track all you competitors site under one hood. Your competitors sites could be in your niche, sites that may rank higher for your main keywords, or long tail keywords, etc. Perform a quick Google search with your main targeted keywords, and take a note of these sites that rank on the front page results. And consider these as your main competitors.

3. Use unique and eye catching titles for each page. Add proper page description and don’t forget to include your main keywords in both, title and descriptions.

4. Update your site regularly with fresh and unique content. Try to publish atleast 3 articles in a week, but don’t force yourself to write a new article everyday, if you can’t. Make sure your content is engaging, original, and well researched. And do proofread the content before you hit the publish button

5. Use unique site design, that has not been used on any other site. Your site design should be appealing and should convey the value of your product or service. You may hire a web designer if you’re not good at coding, or you can try out Thesis Theme or PageLines for responsive design. And do optimize load time of the website.

Social Media Connect6. Network with other website owners and blogger to keep a track of latest social media trends and updates. You don’t want yourself to be the odd one out. Do not ignore the social media space. There are lots of opportunities on the internet to show off your expertise and contribute to the community.

7. Avoid low quality backlinks. They “may” harm your website, especially if the website is marked as splog. Avoid buying backlinks or getting links from link farm. Instead leave quality comments or do a guest post on popular blogs. [You can start doing guest post from here.]

8. Avoid all tricky or unethical SEO methods or Black hat techniques that try to deceive search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing, backdoor pages, overdoing reciprocal linking, using same text color as of background. Just avoid all these things, that can harm your site rankings.

9. Make sure you have a blog, to know people who you are. Update that blog with fresh content that is related to your website. For example, write an article that shows how your product or service can benefit them. Convince the reader through your post. Share case studies, show them results. Because a blog can increase customers and traffic 4 times more, than a website with no blog. For best practice. do share blog post on social media sites for rapid growth in traffic and customers.

10. Always include a contact page, to let your customers contact you. Make it more convenient by adding phone number, office address or email ID. Also link your social media accounts so your customers can connect on social media sites.


Be honest with yourself and think what is survivability of your website. Whatever you do, do things in a stagger approach, don’t do too much or overdo at a time. Always think holistically, gather as much as data you can and beef up the content on your website. Do let me know what you for your marketing campaign!

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1 myles

ohh yes choosing the theme can is really an important point that people usually overlook. And if done right it really adds to your serps. 😉

2 himanshu

Well said Myles i too had bad theme earlier but know i realize that good theme makes you more benefits than ever you expect.

3 Jennifer Cunningham

Enjoyed the seo tips. The verdict is still out on how many posts and how often. But we all agree that quality content and no seo tricks make your blog a success.

4 Sef Cruz

Hi Sahil, online marketing is definitely important for any corporate websites whether it is local or international. In order to build strong relationship is vitally important the we engage with other website or blogs as you mentioned on your #6 tips. It’s hard to manage this engagement thing though but it’s really worth doing it.

5 James

nice reading, these tips will help me to manage my marketing companion well. Thanks for Worth writing Sahil

6 pavan

Hi sahil ,
The SEO topic is very vast i never gonna end , i enjoyed reading this post and i will try out tips which you listed thank you sharing this

7 PapaBlogger

To find the high performing Keywords of any blog. You can use semrush.com and craftkeys.com. They are really helpful to find high performing keywords and less competitive too. Just you have to find your niche related blogs on the web which are having less number of posts, alexa rank and semrush rank than your blog and choose any one of them and add their URL in the section box of semrush.com and craftskey.com. It also shows the best CPC keyword for your article too. So, use them and tell me about them.

8 Shalin

For the tip #1 I think Google Search would be a good tool to suggest keywords. Have you guys seen the world list comes under your search when you search something in google. Called “related searches”

9 Imtiaz Ahmed

Thanks Buddy For sharing Awesome Seo Tips.
dude i learned a lesson from my blogging experience that traffic is the foremost thing you need to earn before monetizing your blog.
SEo is key if you want to success.

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