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10 Tips To Get More Traffic From YouTube

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YouTube is one of the most popular site to upload and share your videos online. Everyday billions of users visit this site to watch videos, upload videos, share them, like them, comment on them and many more.
In fact YouTube can turn out to be a gold mine for webmasters and internet marketers, to get more traffic and get promoted. Its a great way to get famous and rich by creating a video of yourself for 4 minutes.

1. The Basics

Every movie director need a good camera with HD recording, Dolby surround, lights and others, to give its viewers a better picture clarity and quality. Similarly, every YouTube video maker needs a good software or cam to record its video.
If you are using on-screen video recording software, make sure you use the best one which has inbuilt editing features, records video in high quality keeping video size low and records audio which sounds clear. If you are using a cam, make sure it has good resolution and doesn’t makes your video look blured.

2. Make Viral Videos

Create a controversial video that is most discussed on the web. Whether it a funny video or negative/positive review about a movie or a product, always create your video with the intention of adding value or knowledge to your viewers who are willing view your video.
The main goal of creating viral videos should be such that, it should be shared among with third party via Facebook, Twitter or others. For instance, the Evian Roller Babies funny video, where a group of babies are performing stunts and dancing on skates or the Dove Evolution Commercial Video where they have shown how the perception of beauty is distorted by using photo editing tools and resources. There are many other similar videos. Whatever you create, be sure try to keep your video clean without crossing the controversy limit.

3. Video Branding

That’s an important step if you want your viewers to become your readers. Always put your website name or URL in between the video by using annotation feature in the video editor.
For instance, I have created a wallpaper, with my website logo on a black background. Everytime when I record on-screen video, I just switch to this wallpaper. You can also include watermarks of the URL in the video too. There are many other ways. Your main aim should be to direct your visitors to your site/blog.

4. HOW TO Videos

Did you know that problems are solved more easily, if the solutions are available visually? Yeah, that’s right!!! Problems can be solved more conveniently and easily if the solution is available in video format. Currently, YouTube hosts more that 1,700,000 “How-To” videos and the figure just keeps on increasing daily.
From “HOW TO Annoy People” to “HOW TO JailBreak an iPhone” I bet, you can get solutions to almost any type of problem you face. So you should use this fact wisely and solve your readers problems by answering them visually. The chances of getting traffic gradually increases to 60%.

5. YouTube SEO

Yup, there’s SEO for YouTube videos too. The video content totally depends on what and how you create your video. But the main thing with the video are the keywords you use in the Title and the Description you add. The Title factor also implies for YouTube videos too, because your videos are also crawled by search engines depending on the keywords used in the title and YouTube videos are the favorite one for search engine spiders. The more popular keyword, the more popular your videos will be and the more traffic you will earn for your blog. Also remember, that the description character limit is set to 21, so use this space wisely because after the 21st char your description will be truncated to three dots…

6. Promote

This strategy works best, to get your video popular, if its done timely. Even a movie producer promotes his film trailer online before it get releases at the box office, so it does makes a huge hit. Similarly you can too promote your videos through social networking sites by sharing, tweeting, bookmarking and stumbling. You can also add a widget on your blog, that shows random videos from your channel. There are many ways to spread and share your videos online. The more you share, the more views you get.

7. Tags

You might have seen on YouTube, that at the end of the videos you see a list of related videos. These videos are selected from bunch of tags, that are more relevant to the video category. So its important to always add tags to your videos. Try to add atleast 6 tags which are more related to the video. The more relevant tags you add, the more your videos will show up in related videos list.

8. Video Responses

Search for popular videos on YouTube and add a video response from your videos list. Make sure you search for related videos which you want to add response. This will increase your chances of getting your video response approved by the author quickly. This will get more exposure to your videos. This technique alone can bring you thousands of visitors to your site.

9. Series

Create a series of ongoing videos or stories and leave a call back action like “Don’t forget to check out another interesting video of the series, where [a short description about the next video]“. In this way, users will stay subscribed and hooked to your channel to learn more. In this way you can also increase your channel subscribers.

10. Others

  • Make sure you make your videos attractive, because there are 4 random thumbnails that are picked from between the video. Unfortunately, you don’t have an option to choose other thumbnail except from those 4 thumbnails.
  • YouTube has an interesting feature to check analytics for each an every video. Do check out the analytics for each video by clicking on the Insight button.
  • Add a YouTube subscription widget to your blog/site.
  • Have a customized template for your channel.
Create as many as videos possible and implement all the above 10 tips in all your videos consistently. This will surely, beef up visitors to your site. If you’re out of ideas, than select an article turn it into a video.
After the last Google update, the one type of content that remains unaffected are VIDEOS. And there is no video website other than Google’s own Youtube.com
I hope that you enjoyed this article and found it worth tweeting, sharing, and stumbling. Till then keep on vlogging!!!

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1 Anurag kumar

Youtube is really a best video site in the world just because of it’s revenue sharing model with people who upload. There are people who are making millions of dollars from youtube. I have also decided to make some bucks.
By the way your tips are cool. Ganganam style earned $ 870000 USD from Youtube. Think if we can make a viral video just like this. We don’t need to do engineering in India. Haha

2 Stuart Davidson

Nice compilation of 10 tips here Sahi. I’ve bookmarked this and plan to use it for my weekly read up post which I’ll share on Sunday 🙂

– Stuart

3 Ryan Biddulph

Hi Sahil,

How To videos rock. People need solutions to their problems. Teach them how to in order to draw in viewers. If you can solve someone’s problems or promote their dreams you will generate traffic through youtube.

Thanks for sharing!

4 Rakesh Kumar

I am not a big fan of youtube but after reading this whole article, I am sure i can also attract some targeted audience for my own blog. Thanks sahil for posting this wonderful article for us.

5 Binh

I thinks that youtube not only help we build traffic to your website, but also you can make money from your video you upload by promote them.

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