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10+ Tips to Rank Your Articles Higher in Search Engines

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Optimizing blog post is the most effective strategy if you want to rank your articles higher in the search engines and drive unlimited traffic to your blog for free. But to get that you need to work out on each of your article step by step. Also it’s the easiest part of optimization to follow. If you follow these 11 steps carefully, you are just a step back to reach those heights.

1. Keywords in Title.
A good title always attracts search engines and readers to click on. Whenever you post an article try to add targeted keyword in the title that is related to the content. This will also help search engines to recognize what is your article about. If you are using long tail keywords try to keep them together.
2. Keywords in URL.
Some people just skip this step. But it’s also the important step in optimization. Always use dynamic URL like the current one above in your address bar. One should not be obsess about the order of the words but keywords in the URL does help a little bit. WordPress user have an normally have an option to use custom URLs, but if you are Blogspot user you might find this interesting on how to manually pick  keywords in the URL.
3. Keywords in Article.
Make sure you use the keyword specified in tip 1 in your article too. Basically within the first sentence of the article which would help Google to rank you with the phrase. You can also use it in sub headings or in images alt tags.
4. “Catchy” Titles.
You might have heard this many times. Its old, but very true. To grab attention of readers you have to fabricate titles in such a way that the reader would like to dive in to your article.
5. Title Characters Limit
Try to keep you article title as short as upto 40 characters, so that your titles won’t get spliced when they pop up in search engine results.
6. The 3 Sections
Here comes the main concept of the article. Organize your article in such a way that:
– Your first para should be the introduction of your article, describing what your article is all about. Try to include one or two main keyword related to the article in the first sentence.
– Your Main body. This is the part where you exploit your article in 200+ words. Here is where you dissect you article related to the topic.
– Your Conclusion Part. This is the part where you share your conclusion, resolution or solution to the reader about the topic. Remember always leave a call back action [leave a question or opinion asking reader] in this part.
7. Adorn Article
Make your article more attractive to the reader so it looks more appealing to the reader. Use font styling like bold and underline the main points, using sub headings, using bullets and numberings for listings to format articles. The makes the article look more perfect.
8. Images and Videos
Images do speak thousands of words. But make sure that it doesn’t crosses the limit. Do not use large size, high pixel resolution images, which will makes your blog pages to load slow. Crop or resize large size image. Use smushit.com to compress large resolution images.
The same applies to videos. If you are embeding videos in your article, make sure you switch off the autoplay function. Autoplay would stop loading your blog page half the way. Read this if you want to disable autoplay function in YouTube.
9. Alt Tags.
Did you know that you can get traffic via Google Image search too. Just insert the alt tag within the image with the keyword specified in tip1. This keyword will be used to list your images in search engines.
10. Link In and Link out
– Link In. [Internal Linking] Link in your popular blog post related to the article.
– Link out [External Linking] Link out to the articles which are popular on the web and relate to your article.
11. Link to New tab.
Make sure if you are linking out to other website, force them to open them in new tab or window by using target=”_blank” in the link. This would keep the readers to stay on your blog.
12. Promote your article.
Promoting article is the important step if you want to get direct traffic. Submit your blog to RSS aggregated sites. Check this list.
Follow the above steps and see your article climbing the search engine results. Do you know any other way to optimize article???

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