10 Easy Ways To Create Vibrant Post Titles

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Creating Post Titles Yea… you might have heard this many times. But post-titles always plays an important role for making a blog post go viral. In fact those few 7o characters can make your post to spread like a virus through the web. But still very few bloggers and content marketers pay close attention to post titles. Your headlines creates first impression when a reader reads the post.

For instance, every morning when I read the newspaper, the first thing I do is scan the article headlines. If I found the headline to be interesting or useful, I would continue to read the whole article. And I’m sure, you too, do the same thing when you read a newspaper or a magazine. Think of yourself as an editor of a newspaper, and the first thing in your mind would be to create a catchy title. The same thing applies with your blog post. Unique post titles are always clicked and shared, that makes them go viral.

Because your Post Titles are seen in –

  • Search results
  • Feed Readers
  • Various Social Media Sites
  • Archive Page
  • And on many other blogs.

Imagine the traffic your post are missing from these source, because titles are the only thing, that will grab a readers decision to read your article [also depends how well you’ve written the post]. There are many techniques to craft post titles and here I will share some easy ways to create awesome post titles.

10 Ultimate Ways to Create Post Titles

Keep it Short

Length of a title is an important aspect in terms of getting more page views and getting indexed. Make sure the post title is 70 characters or less. Don’t go above 70, or your titles will be truncated in search engines and social networking sites like Twitter and people might not be able to know what your post is about. So keep it short and to the point.

Be Specific

Create title what your content actually says. Do not create titles that has nothing to do with your post just for generating traffic. This will annoy readers and most likely the reader will never visit your blog again. Possibly your blog might also get marked as Spam by search engines.

Be Useful

See through the readers eye and ask yourself “Will I click on this title, if I see it in search engines?” You will soon know the difference. Try to create titles which looks useful to the readers and not vague or unclear.

Use Keywords

This is the utmost important thing in creating titles. Try to include one or two strong keywords in the title, that defines your post. For example, the important keyword for this current post is “Post Titles” and it clearly defines what the post is about. But don’t just stuff  post titles with keywords, the page will obviously have no value with such titles and will affect your search engine rankings.

Energetic Words

Try to use words like like Sure-fire, Killer, Awesome, Ultimate, Proven or anything which makes your post feels exclusive. Like ” 101 Ultimate Ways to Secure WordPress “. Don’t make use of tough words. You might be a champ in scrabbles, but other might lack in their vocabulary.

Use List

Adding numbers in post titles usually do the magic. List type post are always more enticing to read and easily found on search engines. and by readers. They are always ranked higher in search engines or get shared most of the time. The type post are evergreen, even if they are accessed after a year. Titles like ” 111 Blogging Tips for Newbies ” or ” 101 Top SEO Tips to Follow tells the reader what to expect. And readers like to read posts in list form which makes them easier to scan your post.

Ask Questions

Create Titles asking questions that’s on people’s minds. Asking question to readers is extremely beneficial if the article is about author-opinion based instead of a factual one. Questions like ” What’s The Best Way To Attract Customers? ” asks your reader opinion or like ” Can You Use the Name of a Company on a Domain? is a simple yes or no type of question and people usually search them to get their answers

Be Contentious

I wouldn’t recommend this, if you are not  sure that you have enough to back it up through your post and readers comments. And not suitable for every blog post. But alternatively, this is the best one, if you want to popularize your blog or create a spike in a blog traffic or create a debate. Make sure the title complies with the post and you’re ready with your answers to reply your readers comments.

Share Confessions

These type of post titles are not found easily and its used rarely. Sharing confessions is another great way to attract readers. But if you have good number of followers and subscribers, go ahead.  People always like to read or listen to others confessions and know what they did to change it. Titles like ” Confessions of a Guilty Plagiarizer ” or ” Things I Have Learned from my Dark Past ” looks more intriguing and interesting to read.

Be Creative

This one depends entirely, on how powerful is your imagination. Ofcourse you need to be creative to come up with great post titles. Make claims or promises if you are sure about what you’re offering or try creating humor titles.

I hope this will help you to create unique & magnetic post titles that will help your to fetch more traffic, subscribers and followers. If you know any other way to craft awesome post titles, then please do share with us!

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1 Luba Michael

ahh… Thanks for sharing the tips. It’s been a long time you wrote something on blogging. Would like to see more similar tips on your blog.
Well you can add one more tip. Write title first or after. This usually happens with me when I write something. The title gets more specific after completing my article.

2 Navin Kunwar

These vibrant way should be implement to be successful. Asking Questions and Use Keywords are the perfect way to grab users attention.

3 Jishnu

Great and really comprehensive .The point I liked most is Ask Questions and you are right having a post title as question has a great effect on readers.

Thank You

4 Jacobus

Haha, love the Share Confessions part. You are so right on this. But I agree you should have a bit of a following on your blog for these to be found easily and get some traffic on them. But I really love you are bringing it up, because it will draw immediate attention!

5 dapo fabs

This is really an awesome and well detailed post. this is going to help me in writing posts on my new blog

6 Ankit

Cathy post titles are really a cool and innovative idea dear Sahil bro.
I have used list type post titles for some of my pillar articles and they really performing well as compare to my other posts.
One more thing I like to say that adding keywords in post titles has numerous benefits like high CTR in search results and I like your points of asking a question. This type of post titles encourage users to read the post and share their views. Hence high comments on blog posts 🙂
Really a cool post bro.. One like from my side 😀

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