10 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

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Twitter is the best way to get exposure, advertise and find more friends by following them. Every single follower is like a gold coin. Its hard to build up followers just like building readership on your blog. One by One.

If your tweets are found useful, users will follow you back, but when they get to know that you are tweeting too much they will mark you as a spammer. They might even unfollow you if you are not tweeting or find your tweets boring. Sometimes you might even don’t know who unfollowed you, so you can send them back a DM asking the reason to unfollow.
In this post I will cover up some twitter tools that will keep you updated whenever you lose a Twitter follower.


Qwitter is one of the most popular service used to for catching Twitter Unfollowers. You basically have to enter your twitter username and your email address. You will get emailed when someone unfollows you and also specifies at what tweet they unfollowed you.


TwitDiff is a twitter application built by @davidbelfast with Google Apps Engine. It basically provides e-mail and RSS notification for accounts unsubscribing from your tweets.


TweetEffect gives you a detailed analyzed report which shows you how may twitter followed and unfollowed you at which tweet.  All it does is, it shows you the number of the people unfollwed and followed. Unfortunately it doesn’t shows you who exactly unfollowed you. Tweets that affected your follower numbers are colour coded. Green tweets mean you gained followers and Red Tweets mean you lost followers.

Good Bye, Buddy!

Good Bye Buddy allows to view your unfollower stats. You just need to login with your twitter ID and follow him @goodbyebuddyto get you unfollower stats. Besides getting stats, you will also receive a DM when someone unfollows you on twitter.


Nutshell is an all in one social analytics tool that keep you updated with your social media activity. It send you a detail report via email about your social activity. It sends you update from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Yelp and Foursquare. And you get all these updates in you email account absolutely free…!

Lost a Follower

It works similar to Qwitter. You need to sign in with your twitter handle and email address, and it will send you email updates who unfollowed you with the username and the your last tweet at which they unfollowed.


Chirpstats is formerly known as Twitterless. You need to follow @chirpstats to get notified of your unfollowers within a couple of days. Basically, they’ll notify you on Twitter whenever someone unfollows you and let you know who it is. On the site, you can see a graph and chart of your follower history.

Mr. Unfollowr

This works similar to chirpstats. All you need to do is follow @unfollowr  and you will receive digests to your email or direct messages with list of unfollowers (including accentuated ex-friends) or link to a digest as direct message in twitter.

Twitta Quittas

Twitta Quitta is free service that sends you an email everyday to tell you who stopped following you on twitter!

With Twitstat you can directly check your unfollowers from your mobile. All you need to do is, just go to m.twitstat.com from your mobile. Login with your twitter account and go to Extra and then Exes. Unfortunately you can only see your unfollowers, if you login to Twitstats daily from your mobile.

What tool do you use to keep track of your unfollowers???

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