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101 Top SEO Tips To Follow

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This was my another guest post on Quick Online Tips. QOT is a PR 6 rated blog with a good reputation in Internet and blogging niche. Thanks to the editor for approving my article and featuring my article in the popular tips section.

In this post I will just share an excerpt of my guest post with you. If you too wanna write on QOT just mail your article to the QOT editor.

001. Learn SEO.
002. Practice SEO.
003. SEO is not hard to follow.
004. List down your competitors.
005. Get targeted keywords related to your niche.
006. Research which targeted keywords attracts more traffic.
007. Research which targeted keywords attracts less traffic.
008. Know your competitors keywords. [View its source page]
009. Compare your keywords with the competitor’s keywords.
010. Try to use your targeted keyword wherever required.

011. Use keywords in Meta tags.
012. Focus on phrases too.
013. Don’t stuff your Meta tags with keywords. This would penalize your site.
014. Use a maximum of 10 keywords in the Meta keyword section.
015. Try not to exceed more than 400 character spaces in the Meta keyword section.

016. Use them wisely.
017. Don’t just rely on keywords.
018. Don’t sell your keywords.
019. Use Meta tags.
020. Meta tags are important. Don’t ignore them. But don’t rely on them too heavily

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