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11 Tips To Get More Page Views

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Engaging your readers is nothing but how many pages a single user visits on your blog at a time. The more page views you get, the better will be your search engine rankings. But unfortunately many bloggers fail to achieve this, which results in a higher bounce rate. In this post i will share some of the best tips that will help you to keep your readers engaged and kick you blog page views like a sky rocket…

1. Quality Content
This is the most simple and important thing to remember if you want to increase your page views. If the reader likes your article, he will obviously stay on your blog for more than 5 minutes browsing digging your blog. Useful, original and interesting will always leave your readers hungry for more. So it time that you should work out on your blog, writing quality content for your readers. Its simple, you give the readers, and the readers will give what you want.

2. Excerpts on Homepage.
You might have seen many blogs which shows full post on the homepage. I really don’t like these blogs because I have to scroll all way down to find whats more ahead. This will gradually decrease your page views. Showing excerpts are the best way to increase page views and manage post on the home page highlighting multiple posts.

3. Create Catchy Titles.
Make sure you create a catchy article which grabs your reader attention and force them to read the whole article. Its also important if you are showing excerpts on your homepage or front page. Eye grabbing titles are more viewed both on site and of site if shared them on twitter, facebook and others

4. Create Series Posts
Series posts is just like a list of articles related to a single topic. For example check this series post on how to build traffic to your site. The idea of series post is to keep your readers more engaged with your blog for a certain topic. The reader might come back to your blog to complete the series where he left out or he might also subscribe to your blog for the series update. This is a great way to keep your reader engaged. But be careful to list all the post in the series.

5. Improve Load Time.
You might not wanna overlook this section. Because loading time plays an important role for page views. The less loading time your blog takes, the more page views you get. And the more load time it takes, the higher will be your bounce rate. A reader will quickly bounce of the page if the page doesn’t loads in no more than 7 secs. So its important that should also work out on your blog HTML and CSS for more page views.


6. Interlinking.
Interlinking means to link you previous articles with the current one. Now there are two advantage of interlinking. First it would help you to rank your articles higher in search engines, as interlinking works like a vote to the article. And second one would keep your readers engaged with your blog. If you are writing something that relates to the previously written article, just link to them. For example, you can see above how I linked to my previous article.

7. Easy Navigation
Make sure your blog is easy to navigate. Don’t confused your readers with confused links all over the blog. Some of your readers might be interested to dig your blog and look for other interesting articles. Display your blog categories in the navbar, add tags cloud, display blog archives as hierarchy. Make sure you do create an optimized sitemap or a archive page where you show all your A-Z post.

8. Display Related Post
You might have read this many times, but this is the most common practice to keep the reader engaged to your blog. If the reader reads your full post from start to end and finds your article more interesting, he/she will surely click on one of the related post below the post. As you can see below I have added the related post widget which shows 4 related articles to this topic. Don’t display more than 5 articles, this might irritate the reader seeing a huge list of related links.

9. Categorize your Article.
This is the most important aspect if you are a blogger user and displaying related post below your article. As you know blogger allows you to categorize your post by using labels only. You would mess up your article and blog if you use more than 2 or 3 unrelated labels.
For instance if you have written an article on Health and Fitness and you have labelled it with “health” and “astrology“, this would display articles related to health and astrology too. Now why a reader would be interested to read an article on astrology if he wants to read more health related articles.
So its important that you categorize your post with a single label or a two at most, related to the first one. This might not be a problem with WordPress users. You can automatically generate related post with the plugin.

10. Featured Post.
Readers are most likely to visit those pages which are most popular or the most commented on a blog. You can show your popular articles or the most commented articles in your sidebar, or as a jquery slider on the homepage. Its also important that you should keep these post optimize for more page views.

11. Search Box.
This is an important element for any bloggers blog. The search box should be placed where its easily viewable to the readers like at the top navbar or at the sidebar. The Search box helps your readers to find and locate your previous articles on your blog in turn increasing your page views.

Following these tips will surely get you tons of views to your blog. What technique do you use to get more pageviews??? Do share your views!!!

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1 prince

nice blog dude thanks for sharing this interesting post i love reading the informative article you write on this blog please keep it up

2 Kingsley

Writing quality articles, adding related posts and improving the load time of your website are the major ways which have helped me increase the PV of such of my blogs.
I’ll explore the rest, especially the “search box” idea.
Thanks for this awesome post!

3 collins

great post you have actually said it all almost everything need to mentain a healthy blog have been mentioned here, thanks so much i will follow your instruction one by one to improve my blog page views and as you said great content is also the key to more page views.

4 Asifa Shaheen

quality content , interlinking and showing related post will help you in increasing page views of your website or blog fast. Also you blog bounce rate will also be decreased through this.

5 Aditya Singh

Really good article. but i think 1 point you can add. We can give free downloadable thing like ebook, tools, etc.This is informative article. keep it up 🙂

6 Wadud

Hi Sahil,

Excellent points. I actually read most of these in a book written by Darren Rowse. I guess that means you know your stuff. Great info.


7 Aditya Singh

This is really a great article. The tips you have Provided here are really Awesome.
If you have made a new site then brings a huge traffic is really difficult. If we follow these steps then sure we will get a huge Traffic.

Thanks for the Article 😀

8 Lisa Smith

All of these are great tips. Glad you put quality content as #1, without this the rest of the tips are meaningless. If is important to provide value to your readers.

9 obed

Thanks for this, i am sure to try it on my blog because traffic is my major problem and this will help me improve once again thanks.

10 Mathew Stephen

Cool tips bro:) Actually I am a newbie. Hope these tips will help me in my race.

11 Michael Monturo

I agree with your list. Getting pageviews to a new site is hard in the beginning, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If a person was to follow your list they’ll be well on their way to building traffic.

12 Kingsley

This is a Great List of options to help one increase pageview on their blog, i really like it and will bookmark it for later

13 Dipra Sen

Writing series posts is a great idea to keep audience with you. After reading an interesting post in this series users tend to discover the rest. Great post.

14 Blogron

If you have a catchy article title then your 50% work is done. After that all you need is to write quality content. Your readers will keep coming back if you have interesting content in it.

Your page loading time and related posts under the content page is a massive factor of increasing the page views. The fact you said in here are of for onpage optimization factor. Thanks for listing them in a single page.

15 Charmie

Hy sahil,
I have almost kept each and everything you have mentioned in here. All of them works great. 🙂
Thanks for such a good level of compilation.

16 Walter Pinem

Hello sahil.
Good to be here. Page views also affects bounce rate so we can be at a better rank at search engines, and this post is really important to me. thank you 😀

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