3 Tips to Build a Strong Reader Base for your Blog

by Guest Author

This is a guest post by Patrick, who is a Internet marketing enthusiast . Finally completing a blog is a wonderful event. You’ve got everything ready…the content is set, the ads are flashing merrily and the comments section is just waiting to be filled. You’re just missing one thing now, but it’s the most important part of all. In short, you need readers. Who cares how intuitive your interface is if there’s no one to use it, how wonderful you’re content if no one is there to see it, how lovely your ads are if there’s no one there to click them. Mainly, once you’re done with your blog, your work is just getting started. You need to find, and cultivate, a loyal reader base to really make your blog thrive. The tips and tricks below will, with any luck, allow you to entice a massive reader base into following your every word.

Be Unique

The first, and most important, part of making a blog is uniqueness. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there and, if yours doesn’t stand out, your blog is quite likely to be overlooked. Therefore it is imperative that your blog looked interesting, innovative and new. To that end, it is probably best to find a seldom used template or create your own. This will allow your blog to stand out against the masses and, hopefully, will let people remember it well so that they might return.


While simple, the importance of constantly updating your blog cannot be overstated. Would you be interested in a newspaper that updated randomly, perhaps every other month? Of course not and why should your readers be interested if you do the same? If you don’t update on a schedule, or for weeks or even months on end, then your readers will undoubtedly leave to seek greener pastures. While you don’t have to update every single day, though that’d be nice, you should at least set up an update schedule so your reader base knows when to expect new content from you. This will keep them coming back for more, and should be strictly adhered to.

Respond to your Readers

A common malady that affects bloggers is something called “Post and forget”. Bloggers with this affliction post an article and ignore the comments box, don’t engage their readers and just get to work on the next article. This is a huge mistake, and one that should be avoided at all costs. Readers, like all human beings, like to be appreciated. Many come to blogs to share their beliefs, ideals and comments with the world and with the writer of a blog. If you ignore their comments then they themselves will feel ignored and go somewhere else where they feel appreciated. Thus, to cultivate a large reader base, it is important to listen to them. Whether it’s a debate, constructive criticism, or a compliment it’s important to engage them.

Writing a blog is a tough business and, without a reader base, a futile one. Thus, to grow a large and loyal reader base, follow the tips above faithfully. While growing a reader base is a slow process with the above tips, in time, you may have thousands hanging on your every word.

Article By: Patrick

He is an Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go-gulf Web design Beijing firm.

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