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This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel. Getting traffic is one of the greatest challenges of many bloggers and online business owners as far as getting visitors is concern. The reason is,it looks somehow complex in many cases but when we look it at different angle; we’ll understand that it is very simple to drive traffic to a blog so far the person who is doing it knows better on how to go about it.In order to get more traffic to your website on regular basis, there are many things you need to put in place and some of them are what we shall be talking about here in this article.

Promote Your Website by Writing for Others

Write for other blogs with the aim of getting good and quality backlinks to your website because this will help you get your website ranked better on search engines. When you make better use of guest posting opportunities, you will see that you will be able to amass a lot of traffic to your website overnight even without much stress. One of the fast and working techniques I have been using for the past few days now is guest posting for other websites and it is bringing in better results than any other technique.

Commenting on other Blogs with Good Points

Another technique that you can use to drive more traffic to your website is by making proper use of blog commenting on other related blogs to your niche. You should make sure that you are not commenting on other blogs for the sake of getting backlinks to your blog, but rather for the sake of getting other people seeing you as an expert in your niche. You’ll make sure that you are contributing to what the owner of the blog is trying to say to you or the writer of the post in case if it is a guest post – by doing this, you will be able to make those people that are reading the site see you as an expert in the field rather than seeing you as a professional spammer.

Friendship with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Friendship will help you become a better blogger than doing everything by yourself. Giving back to others will help you become popular within your area of expertise, I mean in your blog niche.

One of the best ways of making friendship with other bloggers in order to get more traffic during the process is by making sure that you are linking out to their blogs. If you link out to a bigger blog in your niche and your post’s pingback become approved on that blog in question, it simply means that you’ll be able to get some clicks from such pingback to your website from the site. And that will also help you increase your traffic and search engine ranking as well.

If you have any other great idea to attract more blog visitors, then do share with us by commenting below. Do share your views!!!

Article By: Olawale DanielHe is a tech writer for a technology blog, TechAtlast. The blog is the perfect place for latest iphone news and top technology tips and tricks. You can as well check his security blog to learn more from him. 

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