4 Ways I Promoted My Coupon Blog with Twitter

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This is a guest post by John Edget . Many bloggers have talked about how they promoted their blogs with facebook and other social media sites and most of their points are very practical and also effective. But we have very few bloggers talk about how they’ve earned an increase in trafficthrough twitter.The truth is that, if you can learn the tricks to getting traffic through social media sites, you can get more traffic than you always do before. I’m not talking based on what I have read from one blogger or internet marketer, but I want to share my own personal experience about how I got traffic to my weight watchers discount and bistro md coupon blog with twitter. These practices are not too difficult to follow and so you can also copy my style and earn more traffic to your blog.

Follow only those you know would follow You
My first rule since I decided to start driving visitors to my coupon blog from twitter was to stop following those twitter users I was following that would not reciprocate by following me also. This was solely because I can only share my tweets to those that are following me and those that aren’t following won’t be able to see my tweets, then why stress myself following them when they are of no benefit to me?
When I stopped following many of the twitter users that would not follow me on twitter, I noticed that my twitter friends dropped significantly, but it was to my own benefit. Later few people started following me on twitter and I also followed them. Those few friends are my genuine friends and are also very important to me.Re-Tweet Your Friends/Followers’ Tweets
After my first procedure on earning twitter friends, I noticed that not all of those that saw my tweets responded to them. After doing some research, I was able to realize that for people to respect my tweets, I had to respect theirs’ also. To achieve this, I would have to retweet their tweets and they too reciprocated by retweeting mine whenever I tweeted.This worked for me in different ways: I was able to get more followers because the followers of my followerscould see my tweets and few of them followed me. Those that retweeted my tweets also visited my website along the line.

Share Comments on their Tweets
Another smart strategy that I started to use was commenting on their tweets. This enables them to feel that I cared about them and so they always try to comment on my tweets, too. This only means one thing, they’ll have to visit my site to know what they are commenting about and in so doing I got an increase in traffic.
When you share your comment on your followers or friends tweets, they’ll always take your tweets seriously and are likely to visit your blog than when you are not commenting on their tweets.

Follow Your Friend’s Tweets Regularly
In order to make the process more stable and effective, I followed the tweets of my twitter friends regularly. This is in such a way that when one of my friends tweeted a post of his, I’ll follow the link to his blog and comment on his blog and also on his tweet.

Try as much as you can to earn the respect and trust of your twitter friends and you’ll be able to make them your blog readers.

Article By: John Edget

He writes for coupon blog, weightlosstriumph.com about getting the best weight watchers discounts and bistro md coupons. He has a line of promotional code for weight watchers and bistromd coupons to share with you on his coupon blog.

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