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5 Easy SEO Steps To Implement For Small Business

by Guest Author

Small_Business_SEOMany small business owners get frustrated when they think about how to go about getting more traffic through SEO. There are many aspects of SEO that can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. With the right plan of action, a few key elements added into your website and marketing strategy and you could find yourself rising in the ranks in the search engine as well as watching your visitor count climb in a few short months. In this article we will discuss five easy steps you can implement for your small business SEO.

Start With Your Website

Start_WebsiteTake a look at your website or blog. If you have a lot of content, be sure that you are targeting keywords that people are using to find information or to purchase something. Make sure that you have other keywords linking to relevant content on other posts. This will ensure that both the search bots will crawl all your pages as well as give your readers additional information they can read to gain even more knowledge or make an informed buying decision. This is what is considered “onpage seo”. This is often a step that many small business owners overlook when thinking of search engine optimization.

Don’t Disregard Article Marketing and Web 2.0 Properties

While changes have been made by Google in their latest Penguin and Panda slaps that saw a lot of small businesses wondering what happened with their article marketing strategies, the fact still remains that content is king. As long as you continue to put out quality content both on your blog/website and you own web 2.0 accounts the traffic will still keep coming in. This also means using “offpage seo” techniques as well when ranking for keywords. The simple fact remains that while Google may be a top dog in the search engine world, there are still a ton of other searchers using the lesser known search engines available and you will still be found the more you get your links out there. Places like Hubpages, Wizzley, Squidoo, and Ezine Articles still see almost just as many viewers as they did before.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Social Media

Social_MediaMore and more often now SEO and local marketing companies are seeing the value of adding social media into their marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other places are great gathering places for people to meet, learn and share information, videos, and stories. By setting up business accounts at these sites, you can build up followers, pick up new clients, share recommendations for other valuable businesses, and perhaps even get into a joint venture with another company where you could both benefit.

Put Up Advertisements

There are a few methods you can use for putting up advertisements to utilize your keywords and help with SEO. You can use free classified sites like Craigslist, FreeAds or Kijiji.com or you can invest some money into Pay Per Click on Google, Bidvertiser or even Facebook. These are all sites that reach a lot of viewers and can help you increase your traffic and teach you what keywords are the best for bringing in that market that will purchase something from you.

Think About Hiring A Local Marketing Company

If you can afford to hire a local marketing company or SEO consultant, they can work with you to show you the best ways to bring in quality traffic with SEO techniques. Some small business owners do not understand how to find the best keywords that will convert into sales. Most companies use tracking systems so you can see just what works and what doesn’t without having to try to figure it all out yourself.

Tiffany is a professional blogger and writes for Motoza Local SEO, a Local Marketing Company based in Austin, Texas. Visit website for more tips to implement small business SEO.

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1 Nishadha

Another thing you shouldn’t ignore is directory submissions. I know that Google is giving less value to them now, but submitting to authority directories and local directories still can have SEO benefits and a small percentage of traffic.

2 Rusty

I guess you almost nailed everything on this post on how to expose your small business on the net. As for me, I am more relying on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as I have noticed that more people are now using the internet that even 13 years of age have his own account. I believe by using this platform, you can easily target your audience at a very fast and convenient way. Also, just to add something on your tips, I suggest creating video about your brand and submitting it to video sharing sites like youtube is a great way to maximize your business exposure.

3 Khaja Moin

I personal saw a drop in article marketing as they`re not helping me in SERPs. Anyway I didn`t tried with Ezine articles.
Web2.0 pages got me good results after Panda & Penguin. But it takes time. You need to work and build links for those pages through blog commenting.

What about forums?
Did anyone saw forums useful in SERPs?


4 Alex Thompson

Okay with implementation tasks, Small business needs to have Good SEO strategies to increase their traffic and ranking. So they can get good feedback from the customers. Glad to know about these facts. I appreciate your post.

5 Lei Broch

Online advertising and marketing does not end in building a website for your small business. Of course, it will need an expansive promotion across the web. Be present everywhere. And always keep in mind that SEO is not about the quantity it is about the quality of traffics you generate.

6 Floretta

I’ve encountered other easy SEO Steps but you have emphasized most on how ‘To Implement’ these steps on Small Business. However Blog Commenting needs a lot of work to build up your links for your pages! as well as your links can be found on those ‘lesser known search engines’ too. Thanks for sharing! It is very insightful!

7 Aditya Singh

I think the best way is only by promoting article on different social media site and doing advertisement on other site. This is my opinion.. The article is really good and helpful to all bloggers.

Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

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