5 Reasons you Should Pay to Advertise your Blog

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This is a guest post by Ashyia Hill. People are used to getting things for free over the Internet. Anybody can access most blogs for free. Many development tools used to make these blogs are free. Even support services like webhosting are free. So the initial reaction to even the slightest hint that one has to pay for blog advertising is understandably negative.Last year, only three percent of bloggers paid for online advertising. But in the marketing world, nothing is purely black nor white, and so you shouldn’t dismiss paid online advertising outright. There are many reasons why you should pony up and spend in the quest to monetize your blog. Many have whipped out their credit cards and reaped the benefits. If you are at least a little curious, spare a few moments and read the five reasons that will change your mind.

Reason # 1
Paying someone else to do advertising for you will free you up to do a lot of things. Yes, doing everything allows you to learn all the ins and outs of blogging, but you should also learn when to delegate. For starters, targeting who to advertise to require sifting through mountains of data. Depending on what your niche is, effectively targeting a receptive audience with the right approach is a very intricate process. It’s easy to misjudge the message or medium – sometimes both – and completely miss the mark.

Those who do advertising for a living can help you with this crucial aspect of getting exposure for your blog. And by letting the pros handle something you are not really comfortable with, you can concentrate all your creative energy on something you’re really good at. At the end of the day, content is the only thing that separates the really good blogs from the rest. Take a page out of traditional advertising as it’s far from being completely dead. Put out a product – in your blog’s case, information or entertainment – that’s really useful to prospective customers and make your advertiser’s job a lot easier. Paying for advertising allows you to do this and end up in a win-win situation.

Reason # 2
Benefit from reciprocity. Most services that offer blog advertising and promotions follow the affiliate model. By joining the bigger and more reputable ones, you benefit from most people’s behavior of bouncing around when online. This tendency to “surf” generates a lot of tangential traffic – wherein people ended up on one site by way of clicking links from other sites. Traffic generated by unrelated sites will eventually find its way to yours. Think of it like fishing: using a larger net will give you a bigger catch even if fish is scarce.

Reason # 3
Enjoy larger scope. Those offering to promote your blog for a price have a business model specifically suited for it. Most have a huge collection of media – whether special-interest websites or portals – that exposes your blog to its target audience. Of course you can target these potential markets yourself, but it will require you to devote time and other resources.

Reason # 4
Keep up with trends. There was a time when popup ads were a welcome novelty and spam was a trademark owned by Hormel Foods. Now, obtrusive ads and unsolicited emails are the most reviled advertising media online. Entire industries are devoted to eradicating them from one’s Internet experience. Most bloggers are in it as a hobby or doing it only part-time. If you are one or the other, you can’t expect to stay on top of every trend as it gathers momentum. Despite your best effort, some will pass by without you noticing. Many advertisers offer advice on what emerging media or website is best for you and save you from a lot of trial and error.

Reason # 5
Do it as a way to measure results. When you pay for advertising, there is a clear connection between the amount of resources used and return. This saves you from spinning your wheels. You can easily devote an inordinate amount of time on your blog and get nothing back. Most advertisers track traffic for you and analyze the effects of their actions. Having someone else held accountable is often worth the price of advertising itself.

Many are just content with getting their thoughts out and a few positive comments are all the payment they need. For some, blogging is a viable revenue stream and monetizing it is a primary concern. For the latter group of bloggers, paying for advertising is a valid tool to get the most exposure. Only you can decide for yourself if you need that extra edge and if you are willing to spend money to make money.

What are your views? Will you pay to advertise your blog? Do share your views by commenting below. And don’t forget to check out our advertising pageif you’re looking out to advertise your blog.

Article By: Ashyia Hill
She’s social media advocate with CreditDonkey, helps bloggers compare best small business credit card offers to help bloggers earn rewards when advertising their blogs. 

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1 Ram Shengale

Hey, great post. I never thought of it that way. I felt as if SEO and social media were the only two sources of traffic and advertizing was better that way. Thanks for the insight.


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