5 Simple Ways to Fetch More Subscribers

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This is a guest post by Jane, who is a freelance writer. The success of a blog is more often than not associated with the amount of traffic it generates, or more specifically the number of readers who subscribe to it. This can be a harsh way to judge a blog but as things stand the best written blogs are usually rewarded with many subscribers. Good quality content when written in an attractive manner will have readers flocking to it. But what needs to be done to make those readers subscribe? Read on.

Content is King…. indeed!!The content is actually the crux of the matter. Ignore this at your own peril. It is the basis of a blog and is what gives the blog meaning. Quality content which is unique will attract readers again and again. If the reader of your blog likes your writing style then he or she is sure to recommend the blog to a few of his or her colleagues/friends/family members. In this internet driven world writing unique content is not possible all the time but if you have an engaging style of writing readers will turn into subscribers sooner than later.

Empower the Reader….. With more Info and Links!!

Most readers when they finish reading a blog will either go on to some other activity or a new website. This is very natural of them and you can prevent this by presenting them with more links to related posts. You can place these links at the end of your post by using a WordPress plug-in called “WordPress Related Posts” or by generating question-like links to various posts in the same category or other posts by the author. Also provide links that allow the readers access to previous and archival posts. Blogs can be cluttered for a new reader so you would do well by highlighting links to the blog’s best content.

Make your Blog Easy to Browse.

If your blog has a large amount of content then you have to ensure easy access to all the posts, irrespective of their quality or popularity. The blog could be designed in a way where the users will be able to browse previous posts through say, a sidebar. The sidebar could play host to links of popular posts, sneeze pages, random posts or even browsable archives.

Make the Blog Reader Interactive.

A blog which interacts with or engages in discussion with its readers is sure to gain in subscriptions. Readers like the idea of a blog’s writer or author giving weight to their opinions, thoughts and feelings. This will not only encourage many blog lurkers to get involved but also turn the casual visitor into a regular follower. You can start by making the process of commenting easy. Leave an option where the readers can see all the recent comments. Including comment subscriptions will lead to an active comment section.

Make Subscribing to your Blog Easier and Intuitive.

Subscribers are the biggest asset of a blog and things should be as easy as possible for them. Offer different subscribing options and avenues. Examples include email subscriptions, RSS and Atom feeds. Ask the reader to subscribe at the end of your post and if possible display the blog’s total number of subscribers.

Article By: Jane

She’s a Freelance Writer and also works for Invesp one the best when it comes to Conversion optimization.

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