5 Tips to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

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This is a guest post by Akshay Aggarwal. So now that you have started your own website or a blog and want to market it aggressively so that more and more visitors visit your website and admire your work. Facebook and Twitter have become of the primary social factors that have the potential of converting your friends into prospective visitors of your site. So now you have a brand new swanky Facebook fan page and now you simply want your friends you follow it. Here are some of the tips that you must follow when it comes to promoting your Facebook page.

1. Add all the necessary details and required information: Before anyone who clicks on that Like button would like to know more about that page. So it is better that you should put all the required information such as Website URL, Overview, Mission, Vision and Products. This will not only instil the trust amongst the people but if they like your work, they will ultimately recommend to their friends to follow your page.

2. Choosing Good Name and URL: Another great idea would be to have a good name and URL of the page so that it can be easily connected to your product and business. For getting the desired URL for your page, you must have at least 25 likes on your page. Also don’t spam your friends’ wall with the posts and other items that you share on your page.

3. Social Connect: Another effective way of improving the visibility of your Facebook page is to ask your friends and family members to like your page and also suggest it to their friends. You can send a group invite to your friends to like or join your page. You can also add new people to Facebook so that you have potential user who can like your page. Also ask your Twitter followers to visit you page and use another social network to promote your page.

4. Promote your page everywhere: You can incorporate your page links as the email signatures or you can mention in your Facebook profile, resume or in any other public profiles. You can also use social media like boxes on your websites.

5. Be Patient  Last but not the least is to be patient towards the progress of the popularity of your fan page. You should not add many friends unnecessarily in one go. Also don’t spam the walls of your friends otherwise you might be risking your account and page from getting banned permanently.

Article By: Akshay Aggarwal

He is the founder of Screamable and works for Techinline, an intuitive and easy to use web-based remote helpdesk access tool that is required to remotely support clients based in different locations and offices.

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