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Twitter+MarketingTwitter is one of the biggest social networking used worldwide by many common people and business owners. From sharing your thoughts to promoting your product or business, everything is possible within this 140 character limit. Twitter is used widely by many big and small business company to promote their product or service. If you know the right way to promote your product, it can be a gold mine for you which can create a huge impact on your business. All you need to know is the 5 basic rules..

1. Tweeting and Spamming. 
Twitter is a social networking site and not a medium for spamming. Spamming is the common mistake that many twitter marketers end up making early on in their marketing endeavors. Ask questions, tweet links related to your niche or any other valuable resources from the web which can be useful to your users.. Use Twitter as a funnel for driving traffic to your blogs, products and services. Remember this formula for T.W.E.E.T: “Timely, Worth reading, Educational, Entertaining, and Tweople-connecting.” as said by Tim Milburn. And the most important, is to be yourself.
2. Follow And Attract Users Related to your Niche.
This is another important tip every marketer should remember. Your main focus is to advertise or market your product to a large number of people in a single tweet. For this, it’s important that you should have a large number of followers. Finding tweople manually related to your niche or product might be time consuming. Use twitter search to find tweople related to your niche.
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3. Using Has#tags.
This is another tip which is follow up of the above tip. Hash tags is the important part of a tweet. A hash tag is a single word which is relevant to your tweet. For example a tweet on SEO use “#SEO”, for WordPress themes tips and plugins you can use “#plugins” or “#wordpress” or “#tips”. Remember the tag should be just a single word which is popular, lucid, and related to your niche.
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4.  Use Short URL & Track your Tweets.
Use Bit.ly or any url shortning to convert your long links to short links that take your followers to your product. This will help you in saving character limit and also adding #ash tags in the last. Another usage of short url is that you can track your short links to know how many tweople did clicked it. This way you can monitor your stats to evaluate whats working for you; as well as free up characters for your tweet.
5. Avoid Over Promoting. 
Promoting your product or service should not be your sole focus. Tweet information related to your company, about your service, product, information related to your products, advantage of using your product, demerits of not using your product. Don’t overwhelm your followers tweeting on a single topic consistently.
    Twitter is absolutely the best way for improving your marketing efforts. If used effectively, you will surely notice a big difference in the sales chart or traffic. It might also be useful in affiliate promotion you may be doing. If you follow the above rules, marketing on twitter is not difficult. You will surely reach new heights in such an endeavor.

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1 Philip

Hey Sahil,

I think over promoting and spamming links is the reason most people decide to unfollow others. I always try to share the best content with my followers and some times that content is created by other people.

Tracking your tweets is important to have an idea of what your followers like most, this way you can provide them with better content every time.

Hashtags are great for making your tweets more discoverable by people who are using Twitter search, or for branding yourself on Twitter.

Have great day Sahil, and thanks for the tips.


2 Steven

I definitely agree that tweeter is more abused with spamming and they end up making early on in their marketing endeavors. They forget about the law of attraction. There are so many different ways to promote business or to address a large traffic to sites but twitter is definitely one of it.

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