7 Things you Should Never do in Facebook Marketing

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This is a guest post by Kim Willis. Facebook is among the most powerful social media marketing platforms today. Facebook boasts a cult following of over 800 million people spanning all countries that happen to have an internet connection, which pretty much is everything. Hence, many online entrepreneurs, bloggers and Internet marketers are now using Facebook as part of their online marketing campaign.Unfortunately, not every Facebook marketing campaign turns out to be successful. In order to improve your conversion rates, below are seven mistakes that enterprising businessmen should avoid when marketing through Facebook.

1. Using your own picture as your company’s Facebook page avatarYour personal Facebook profile should be different from your company’s Facebook page. For that reason alone, it’s just right and appropriate not to post your own picture – you are not the face of your business.
As much as possible, you should distinguish yourself from your business and try not to blend your personal traits and characteristics with your company’s marketing efforts.

2. Broadcasting instead of interacting – spam-like and less appreciated

Broadcasting simply means blatant self-promotion. Many marketers commit the mistake of broadcasting their campaigns instead of interacting with their fans and supporters. Broadcasting won’t do any good and might even harm your business. Internet users have evolved through the years; they can smell opportunists even within a mile.

3. Selling your products and/or services directly at Facebook

Facebook is not an avenue for selling. Moreover, it’s a marketing platform wherein you attract potential customers and bring them to your company or business’ website. It’s like cold calling; the main goal is not to sell but to entice them to visit the physical location of your store from where you sell your products and services.

4. Not taking advantage of Facebook tools and other useful Internet marketing software

Facebook boasts a wide collection of tools that can surely help the average marketer. Similarly there are also software and applications online that can help marketers get the most out of their Facebook marketing campaigns. If you aren’t aware of such tools, software and applications, you’re simply missing a huge opportunity.

5. Too much or too little postings and updates

Facebook is a social networking site first, a marketing site second. Thus, it’s just right that you engage with your fans and supporters – but not too much. If you post an update too much, perhaps thrice or even four times per day, you’re page will just be considered as spam.
On the other hand, posting once in a blue moon won’t provide any value to your fans and supporters. The key is to find and work the line that separates “too much” and “too little.”

6. Being too professional or being too personal

Professionalism is a character every company or business should possess but being overly professional is a huge mistake when you’re marketing with the help of Facebook. On the contrary, being too personal with your fans and supporters can result into huge blows in your company’s image.

7. Violating Facebook’s terms of service (TOS)

Terms of service or simply TOS are the rules that govern Facebook. TOS are the rules that make Facebook a great place for social and professional networking. Violating such TOS will get you banned not just from the site but also from the opportunities the site offers.

If you follow these guidelines, your Facebook Marketing campaign would be far more effective and you could connect with your fans  more easily. If you think that some points are missing, do share it with us by commenting below.

Article By: Kim Willis
He is an SEO Consultant that works with online businesses. When he’s not writing for Brisbane Roofing and Brisbane Fences, he could be found blogging about the advantages of using online strategies for home based businesses.

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