8 Safety Tips When Making Online Transactions

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Internet SecurityThis is a guest post by Bhardwaj. With the growing power of internet today, online transactions are done like a piece of cake. Form transferring money to ordering pizzas, everything is done online. With the help of online transactions we don’t have to stand in a queue for making payments or buying tickets. You just need three things; A computer, working internet and your account info. And that’s it you have done the payment successfully. See, it’s that simple!!!

But since it’s done so easily it has it’s some consequences too. The main important problem that everyone is facing these days is safety of their financial information. In this article we will discuss how to be safe and stay away from online fraud while doing online transactions.

1: Always make payment through trusted sites:
Always make the payment through trusted websites only. Never give your password on a untrustworthy site. Make sure you are paying through a secured gateway or through a trustworthy online transaction site such as PayPal, AlertPay or any other. For example eBay the biggest online bazaar for shopping allows paisa pay option, which is a much secured way to buy what you want.

2: Always use secured connection:
Use secured connection when you are making an online transaction. https:// instead of http:// , where https:// is a secured encrypted connection. In https:// ‘s’ stands for secured using SSH. Always check for a secured lock symbol in front of https:// which means it’s a secured connection. For example check out https://www.paypal.com.

3: Beware of Phishing Sites:
Beware of phishing sites, always make sure to check the certificate of the site when making online transaction. Certificates are represented in four colors namely;

RED: represents the certificate is out of date, invalid, or has an error.
YELLOW: represents that the authenticity of the certification authority that issued it cannot be verified. This might show a problem with the certification authority’s website.
WHITE: represents that the certificate has normal validation. This means that communication between your browser and the website is encrypted.
GREEN: represents that the certificate uses extended validation. This means that communication between your browser and website is encrypted and that the certification authority has confirmed the website is owned or operated by a business that is legally organized under the jurisdiction shown in the certificate and on the Security Status bar.
[SOURCE microsoft.com]

4: Always Use Personal Computers:
Most important thing is always, must and should use personal computers for online transactions. Public computers are like public libraries where everyone has access to everything .Most of the public computers saves usernames, passwords, and has cookies saved to their browsers, which makes it a liability for security, when using confidential information. So always use a personal PC for online transaction.

5: Use High Security Password and 3D Secure Code:
All the banks are giving access to a high security password where an instantaneous password is delivered to your mobile phone when an online transaction takes place. Be sure to enable it for your account. Highly recommended … also when using a debit card for online transactions a 3D SECURE CODE is an extra layer of protection provided by the bank which is actually a unique password where the card holder is the only person who has access to it. Don’t forget to use these extra security steps, if you use online transactions often.

6: Make Use of Virtual Keyboard:
Always make use VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS which are provided at the time of transaction when entering your personal information. Since the physical keyboard can be compromised by a key logger software. VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS are uniquely designed for high security purposes, hence you can make a safe and secured online transaction.

7: Make use of VCC
VCC is a Virtual Credit Card. This card always comes handy while shopping online without revealing your actual credit/debit card information to your merchant site. VCC is a one time usable credit card with a limited balance as per your requirement. For example, If you want to shop online something of Rs. 1500, then you can create a VCC of that amount and use it to pay online. Make sure that this feature is available with your Net Banking options. NEVER buy a VCC from any online dealer.

8: Keep track of your transactions:
Always keep record of your account statement, when, where & how many transaction has been done, where your credit card has been used. If you find any false transactions in your account statement, report it to your bank and lodge a complaint as soon as possible.

These are the must and should followsteps when you are making a online transaction. Hope this will be helpful when you make online transaction in future. Also if you have any more tips regarding secured online transaction do share with us via comment section.

Article by: Bhardwaj
He is a tech enthusiast and also loves to read and reasearch about latest security trends in the digital environment.He also works for iVpn,one of the best VPN service provider on the internet today.

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1 himanshu

I always use paypal as it is among the most user trusted , one must make sure that will doing online transaction they should not go back or refresh the page as it may cause ease for hackers to get in your details easily.

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