8 Ways To Make Your Blog Better

by Guest Author

It is the goal of nearly every blogger out there to improve his or her blog. Everyone wants more traffic, more readers, more customers, and to make more money. However, this goal is often easier said than done.blogging-for-business

There are many, many places out there that offer advice on how to improve your blog. Some of these improvements require vast amounts of time or money to be invested. I do not know about you, but I have little time and money to invest in my blog beyond what I already do. So, what hope do I have of making my blog better?

Well, here are a few simple tips that will not break the bank or suck your time away. These tips should help your blog to have more traffic and be more accessible and attractive to readers. What more could you want, right?

Ways To Keep Your Blog One Step Ahead

1. Have great content – The first thing a blog should always have is great content. What that means is up to you. Your content needs to match your topic. If you want to write about technology, then do not have pictures of your dog and cute stories. If you want to blog about raising kids, then do not include your auto repair how-tos. You have to make the content fit your topic, and then make it something that people need or want to read.

2.Make it short –People like short things. Paragraphs should not run on forever and, whatever you do, do not have a huge single chunk of text! No one is going to want to read all of that. You will scare away readers before they ever get into the meat of your writing. Break your posts up into small, short paragraphs. Better yet, break your posts up into parts, with each part as short as possible. You can still give lots of information that way without overwhelming anyone. Best of all, you look like you have tons of content because you post so frequently!

3. Use lists –People love short, like I said, and they also love lists. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is because lists can easily be scanned. They can glance down a list and then read only what pertains to them or what grabs their attention. Secondly, lists let them know ahead of time how long the post is going to be. Maybe they have time to read a list of five, but not fifty. This way, they know how long the post is before they ever have to make the decision.

4. Have images –It is well documented that most people are visual learners. They just get more out of photos and images then they do written text. This means that when your blog does not have photos, you are not as interesting to a large portion of your possible audience. Do not lose readers because you cannot be bothered to add a picture or two! There are many sites out there that offer free photos for you to use, so do not worry about price. If you can find funny, cute, crazy, or cool photos that connect well with your blog post topic, you will get a ton more readers.


5. Tag well –Using keywords, tags, or categories, whatever your blog platform calls it, well is a cornerstone to people actually finding your blog to read it. The only way most people will get to your blog is through searching for a topic or question. Make sure your posts are accurately tagged and that the tags are ones that are common search terms. It will not help to do a ton of tags; that just confuses things. Keep it simple and accurate to get the most readers in who are interested in your content.

6. Make it outrageous –If you can make your post titles, keywords, and content crazy, you will get a lot of traffic. I know, it does not seem to make sense, but people love the unusual. If you can write about something that is really out there, or at least write a title that make people think twice, you will get a ton of readers to come to your post. People love weird and weird sells.

7. Go pop –If all else fails, you can always give into the man. People love stories about celebrities. If you can write posts with a celeb’s name in the title or about a celeb in a fresh, new way, then you will get a ton of hits. Sometimes this may seem frivolous and foolish, but your goal is to get readers in, right? You can always use this frivolity to your own purposes once you get them in the door.

8. Clean it up –An attractive blog will keep readers around longer. Make sure your theme is something that matches your blog’s topic. You do not want a bunch of flowers on a site devoted to motorcycles or vice versa. Your theme and your topic need to meld. You also need to make sure your theme is not too busy for your content. If your pictures or text is lost in the confusion, readers will not stick around, no matter how good your writing is. Simple is not always better, however. If it is too plain it can be boring for readers, Strike a balance and make sure your blog is visually appealing.

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1 Ammar Ali

Having great content and good images can make our blog better! 🙂 You listed almost all points their to make blog better..

2 deepika

According to me choosing the right theme is the hardest part 😛 i had many bad experience with wrong themes.

3 Harfiz

I like the point where you highlighted about go pop, but for a niche blog, how?
Thanks for sharing 😀

4 Saifudheen

It is really easy to start a blog, but it takes a long time to build reputation ! I had a blog and I left because I couldn’t manage it. Thanks for the article.

5 K Bharath

Nice list of points you have mentioned above for making a blog better, when it comes to Theme part still now i break my head. better to get a custom theme designed rather than using a free or premium theme from the themes markets. i have seen some of the blogs content only not goes viral but also the design.

6 Vincent

Building a blog is easy. Content is not that hard either. However, the hardest part with a blog is gaining traffic.

7 rahul murarka

Hey can i insert multiple meta tags in blogger to increase traffic

8 Sahil Umatia

No. This would penalize your blog, if you insert the same meta tag twice.

9 Shadab

One thing you should include in your post is that to make the authority of your Blog. The easiest way to optimize the blog authority is that to start the guest posting on high authority sites by which you can improve your traffic stats, even getting some decent pagerank and optimize the authority.
Best Regards!

10 Jim Liston

Thanks for the information. I’ve only been blogging for a short time now and I think the hardest part for me is limiting how much time I spend on social media instead of writing. I try to write a thousand words a day and spend two hours on Twitter, FaceBook, and Pinterest, it’s not easy, but it sure is fun!

11 Phil

Thanks for all the advice, i have just started my first blog and need all the tips that i can get to help me on my way.

12 saonbd

Content is king. Also optimize your content seo friendly that search engine can easily find your article. I think lower than 300 words article is not good. Internal linking is also a important matter.

13 Svetlana Koslov

Great article reinforcing the basics. I especially like number 2 for emphasizing the need for brevity and number 4 for the importance of photos.

14 Koundeenya

Using Images can really attract a lot of readers to the blog. I feel, the images should be used appropriately. A beautiful image will not be of use if it is placed in a post with irrelevancy.


15 Suzzane Cachero

Well , i like your all 8 tips to make a blogger one step ahead from other. The most important thing i found in your post is , the short story of our post. No one like to read a bigger story. People like just simple and short which get them to rid of time consuming posts.


16 Paul

Network on social media sites and attract some regular readers to your blog.

17 Susan

Thanks for the post and yeah Internet marketing is the essential tool needed for any online business to succeed. SEO is another important which is to be handled with patience and this where most people go wrong.

18 Bogdan

People like short things, agreed. They also like free things, like e-books, lists hard to find or to put together, tested methods and so on.
I guess giving away free things is another way of improving one’s blog and also drive traffic.

19 D. Dixon

Really GREAT tips. Simple, actionable, and totally achievable to make your blog better. I think I’ll try your outrageous title suggestion. A great title is like chum so I’ll have to work on that. Thanks Christine!

20 young cent

I realy benefited alot from you site atleast i have gotten some great tips on how to burst my blog when i create one.this is a great site to explore.keep up the nice work

21 DariaB

Great Post…just wanted to thank you for the post. I am going to implement all these things in my website. Really nice blog.

DariaB invites you to read Search Engine Optimization Alaska

22 Bob

Christine, thanks for this great post. Would like to add two more points – blogger should build a community of roomers, which will increase the authority of the blog for newcomers and keep blog’s design cool and simple, so it would be a pleasure to read it.

23 Riki

Hi Christine,
I have question for you, in your opinion, how many words I have to make on an article? I usually write about 400 words in an article. Is that good?
Thanks before.

24 Thejas Kamath

I like to visit a simple and neat blog. When I visit a blog with too many advertisements or popups I feel I should get out of it ASAP!

25 Abhishek

Ya, I am a new blogger and want to earn money but not taking it as main goal. I will try your instructions. Recently my blog got disapproved from adsense. Please visit my site. Tell me where is the fault.

26 Lee

Hi Christina
One thing I have just being going through on my blog is my spelling and grammar. A bit of a slow process though grammar has never been one of my strong points.

Great info thanks lee

27 Michelle

Nice tip! This article should be tagged “blogging for dummies’ since its very explanatory.

28 Lorenzo

Also check out related post plugins. These can help improve the bounce rate of your blog by showing similar content after a post.

Some options are linkwithin, zemanta, outbrain, yarpp.

29 Matt Warrell

Short and sweet should not be underestimated! Attention spans sure are decreasing in modern times.

30 collins

great post, i failed in my first blog because i lacked the knowledge when i started newly but i have really learn something from those who knows better then i do, thanks for the wonderful tips

31 Shrinivas

I agree with all points except a little confusion with using tags, how many tags you think is average and how many categories is good for ranking? I read in some SEO forums that too many categories can lead to penalty. Is it true?

32 Orjiakor

This is very helpful for many bloggers like me. I learned many things by reading this post.
Thanks for sharing all these valuable information.

33 Saifudheen Mak

Building a wonderful blog takes a lot of effort. First of all, filling it with useful information is the most important thing. Thank you for the article.

34 Souri

Great list … looks like I need to focus on a few points there. My blog has plenty of my own pictures in good quality … but I think my writing skills need a makeover. 🙂

It’s not easy nowadays to create a new blog.

I also would add one more thing: Continuity … you will need to add content constantly as google just loves new content … not easy to do this over a long period of time …

35 Phil Wong

Great tips, as usual I think content is king, but it depends if you have the right content, at the right time, in the right niche.

36 George

Some say you should write long article and you say that make it short?
which one should i go for?

37 Hina

Great post ! I wanted to ask you that normally how long should an ideal blog post ?

Hina xx

38 Chimezirim Odimba

It’s a good thing you started with a call to focus on great content. What’s a blog that gives mediocre content? A mediocre blog. It’s a good reminder that our content must be top notch if we intend to make any lasting impression on our readers.

39 Charmie

CONTENT is GOD which brings the worshipers towards it in the form of readers.
Sometimes to make your content great it is advisable to even try out writing on some very strong argumentative topic that can force people to come and pop out their views on to your article.
Thanks for this share.

40 Rahul Chalana

True tips and what i think is designing part is also very important as it should attract the visitors right??

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