9 Steps to Follow Before Submitting a Guest Post

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Writing Guest Post on other blogs has been the latest trend to promote you and your blog in the blogosphere. This would help you to build your blog readers and a chance to interact with new audience on your blog. Guest posting benefits can include increased traffic, reputation, backlinks, promotion and building subscribers. And to get all these benefits it makes sense that you need to work out on your article before creating and submitting it.

Step 1: Work on your Blog/Landing page.

The main reason behind writing a guest post is obviously to get traffic to your blog or product page. You must have some quality content or review about the product, which you are pointing in the guest post, so that when readers visit your blog/landing page will find some useful content. Whats the meaning of writing a guest post, if the visitor doesn’t finds anything interesting on your blog? This would make your guest post a complete waste!!!
Make sure your blog have the best articles on display, and a couple of more scheduled for next week so that the reader keeps visiting your blog. Its also equally important that you should also consider your blog design, navigation and page loading time. You don’t wanna bounce off or disappoint your new blog readers with bulky blog design. Try to keep it as simple as possible!!!

Step 2: Familiarize with the Blog.

Its important that before when you write guest post on other blog you should know what type of niche does the blog handles. You won’t like to submit your health and fitness article on a tech blog. You have to optimize your article for that particular blog for which you want to submit your article. You need to know:
  1. What the Blogger writes about?
  2. What kind of guest post usually gets published?
  3. What are the most popular articles on that blog?
  4. Whats the format for guest posters?
  5. Which articles are tweeted the most?
Read and browse the blog using Google. Simple enter “site:blogname.com” in Google search and go through the search list.

Step 3: Follow Rules and Guidelines.

Some of the top ranking blogger blogs have some set of rules that you should follow, so to keep the blogging community clean from spammers. Your article might get rejected if you don’t follow them. Of course, your article will get rejected if you link too much to your blog or add any affiliate link without the author’s consent. So its important that you should follow up the rules and guidelines as they have mentioned. Click here to see similar set of rules.

Step 4: Get Idea!!!

Once you have get familiarized with the blog and read the guidelines, its now time to think what you want to write. Think about the niche, go through the popular post of the blog, try Googling about the niche to get an idea about the post. Don’t just fabricate the articles what you have seen on the blog. Try to think unique and fresh about the article so that it looks more appealing to the blog readers and community.

Step 5: Contact the Blog Author.

Now you have the idea in your mind, don’t just start writing it. Its now time to pitch the blog owner as a guest author. Try to find the blog owners name and email ID, which you can usually find in the “About” or “Contact” page.
  1. Always address with the blog owners name. This adds a personal approach to the author.
  2. Describe your idea to the author, keeping it short, simple and relevant.
  3. Provide your blog link, and couple of other article link which shows your writing skills to the author.
You can also directly submit your article by joining their site using WordPress. Once you’re done with writing your article you just have to hit the Publish for review button and it will be live on the blog after it gets reviewed by the blog author. And if it gets rejected they will simply reply with you an email. That simple!!!

Step 6: Write a Killer Post.

Got Approved? Great!!! Its time to write down the article. A killer article is always going to benefit both, you and the blogger. Write the article as if you’re writing for your own blog and try to write it as the best piece of article. Don’t write the article just for yourself, but write it for the readers. Do not try to promote any of your product or blog. The readers will generally ignore your article. Follow some of the handy tips while writing  the article:
  1. Keep the word count to reasonable limit. 300-500 words.
  2. Use proper grammar and spellings.
  3. Link back to relevant old blog post. This would flatter the author and shows that you have done your homework.
  4. Format the articlewith bold heading, underline, list style and paragraphing.

Step 7: Add Byline.

This is the most important part of a guest post as it provides backlink to your blog. A byline is a short description about 14-15 words describing about you and your blog. This would help the readers to know about you and blog better.
Or if you have signed up using WordPress, the author byline would be automatically added after every post. You just have to update your profile after signing up.

Step 8: Review and Submit!!!

Don’t just submit the article for review when you finished it. Proofread the article twice or thrice to check for mistakes. Also trying reading it aloud once. This would help you to perfect and polish your article more.
Remember your article won’t go live instantly on the blog after submitting. You have to keep some patience. Your article will be reviewed by the author & if there’s something need to be edited, the author will reply you back via email. It might take 2 days to as long as 1 week for your article to go live on the blog. If its taking too long, just shoot back an email to the author regarding your article status.

Step 9: Do not submit on Multiple Blogs.

Don’t submit same article on multiple blogs. Submitting same article on multiple blog might get your article rejected, can mark you as spammer or ban you permanently. Because this would directly affect the reputation of both your and the blogger blog. So don’t get yourself to be called as a Plagiarizer.

Applying above steps will build great credibility to your blog or product. Guest post works like a charm similar to a blog plugin which monetizes your blog if you give your 100%. Do share your views!!! Happy Guest Blogging!!!

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