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Bada 2.0 Coming To India This July

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“It’s been close to 10 months since the company introduced Bada and it is coming up with an upgraded version of this OS” said Samsung Mobile India R&D head, Dipesh Shah. Samsung is planning to launch its next Bada upgrade, Bada 2.0, coming July of this year as said on FE.

The company did not disclosed any more information about the update. But said that the upgrade will have more interactive interface and will be more convenient for Bada developers. Also Samsung is planning to target its current marketing share to 30% compared to current 10% to 15%.

The company also claims that the number of Bada phone sold in INDIA is equal compared to its Android smartphone sales.

“It is the only smartphone OS that works on a single processor.” ~ Dipesh Shah

Further Shah explains how Bada OS is different compared to other OS. He says that the OS provides rich interactive application, intutive user interface, higher efficiency, developer friendly and flexibility. Hope the update will be available for all Samsung wave phone soon…


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