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Blogger Adds Lightbox Feature for Blogger Blogs

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There have been lots of updates and features added by Blogger in 2011. Recently Blogger added a cool new Lightbox feature to blogger blogs. When you simply click on an image, it will be shown in a lightbox within a dark background. Click on the image below. You can see all the images in a article as a slide show. This feature is great for bloggers who share their travel albums online or create a tutorial of screenshots. In simple, the images in a article can be seen as slide shows.

Once an image is opened in the lightbox view, any other images from the same post will now appear as thumbnails along the bottom, which can be easily browsed by clicking the arrow keys on the left or right side of the lightbox. This feature is automatically enabled for all blogs. Click on the images below to see the live demo:

If you add images from custom link, the image would not show up in the lightbox. The lightbox will only be available for those images which are uploaded in the article itself.

No more use of heavy lightbox codes required. The lightbox is now integrated with blogger.
Can be used as album slideshows.
Can be used as slideshow for tutorial screenshots.

Zoom in/out feature not available
No option to disable.
Image is resized to 500px.

What do you think about this feature from blogger? Is this the best feature or another flop for your blog. Try it yourself and do share your views!!!


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