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Blogger Integrates Google Analytics

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If you’re a Blogspot user and you’re using Google Analytics, then you can easily connect your blog with your Google Analytics account for more in-depth analysis of your blog visitors.

Just go to Settings and flip down to Others tab. Scroll dowm at the bottom and insert your Web property ID. You web property ID would look something like this: UA-XXXXXXX-X

To get your Web property ID, login to your Google Analytics account, select your website and click on the Gear icon on the right. Now flip to Tracking code tab and it will show you the Tracking information. Note down the Web property ID and insert it to your Blogger Account. Blogger will then insert Google Analytics code into your blog automatically, regardless of which template you’re using, including mobile.

As per the Blogger update,

  • Google Analytics is supported on blogs using Dynamic Views, Layouts templates, and mobile templates, but not Classic templates.
  • Because of the technical differences in how Blogger’s stats and Google Analytics collect data, you are likely to see some minor discrepancies between the two.

Now if you do not have a Google Analytics account, read this article to Setup a Google Analytics for your Blogger Account or watch the video Tutorial below:

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