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Blogger Adds SEO Preferences For Optimising Blogspot Blogs

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Blogger-SEOFinally, now it will be more easier for blogspot blogs to optimize their blogs in terms of SEO and search engine rankings. Today, Blogger adds a new feature called “Search Preference” which can be found under settings menu. The Search preference is related to your search engine rankings [SEO] and indexing of your blogspot blog. This feature will ensure blogspot users that their blog and articles are accurately indexed so they appear correctly in search results. And the feature is not just limited to your homepage, you can also optimize each and every post directly from your blogspot editor, which is a bit similar to WordPress Editor.

To get started head over to your “Settings” tab and click on “Search Preference“. Now there you can see three different section; namely Meta Tags, Errors and Redirections, & Crawlers and indexing. See the image below:

Meta Description Tag.


This section will help you to add a unique description for your blogspot blog. For example if your search for iblognet.com on Google, you will be shown with a custom description of the blog. See the image below:


Try to make a description which is related to your blog, what you blog is about and not just stuff with keywords, which is going to do nothing but just lower down your search engine rankings. Also try to keep it short and simple and do not exceed the description more than 140 characters. If you exceed more than this, your blog description will be truncated, which you might not like.

Errors and Redirection


Now this one’s indeed a great feature. This section will help you to redirect your readers from one post to another post. In this section, you can either redirect a link to custom 404 page or redirect a broken link to new link. For example, if someone visits your post which you have deleted, then you can show them a custom 404 page which can show related post / recent post or even a search box to find something which is related to that deleted post.


And if you don’t want to show them a custom 404 page, you can simply redirect them to a new link which is related to that deleted post.

Crawler and Indexing



It is highly recommended that you do not play around with this section, if you don’t know what you’re doing. This section will help the search engine crawlers to index your blog post. Don’t worry, you don’t need to enable this section, because your blogspot blog is already setup with custom Crawl and Index settings by Blogger. You can either add the robots file in text format or selects from the “Custom robots header tags”.


All your post will be crawled, even if you don’t enable this section. To know more about this section, visit here.

Now this was all about your blog homepage optimization and crawlers setting, if you head over to the post editor you can see one more option is the right sidebar, called Search Description and an option to add nofollow tag and target=_blank tag and also an option to add alt and title tag for the image.

You can add you own unique description about the post, which will be indexed by search engines.


You can nofollow and add target=_blank tag to the links. The nofollow tag will stop passing link juice to that linked page and the target=”_blank” tag will open the link in new tab. I would recommend you only use this option if you are linking to an external link, don’t use the nofollow option if you’re linking an internal page, which is related to your blog.


You can also add the “alt” and “title” attribute to your images. After you upload the image, click on the image and select properties. Then you can add your desired alt and title attributes for you image. Check the image in HTML mode if the alt and title tags are proper.


The alt tag is nothingbut the name of the image which can is indexed by search engines. In a way the alt tag helps you to increase your blog traffic, when someone searches the image with the same alt tag as used by your image. And the title tag will just add a title to the image, when hovered on the image.

These were a must needed feature for Blogspot users, which is a bit similar to WordPress SEO features. WordPress offer extensive SEO features and finally Blogger has done a bit for their blogspot users after a long time. If you need to get more SEO for your blog, use a custom domain for your blog, which will build a reputation for your blog. Well that all for now! Subscribe to our blog for more updates. Do share your views!

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1 Paul Salmon

I was wondering when Blogger would implement some of the features you mentioned. The Meta description tag was one that I wish they had when I was using Blogger.

I can see many people messing up their robots.txt file, though.

2 Mandark

This is awesome… i was thinking to migrate to wordpress. Now i think i have to reconsider my decision. Is it necessary to have a domain name???

3 Fuyuko

Blogger has some pretty interesting options but I do have a question if I may. My question is I notice you can use the post function to set up blog posts before hand that post at times like an automation I was wondering would that be a bad option to use since google doesn’t like those Auto-blog’s which seem to pop up every so often. So what I’m asking is would it affect you google ranking by using the automatic post feature build into blogger?

4 Ahmad@lunaticg

Thank you for the tips my friend. This is what I am looking for in blogger. I don’t know they had start to use this before reading your post. Hopefully this will bring a much better traffic and placement in SERP to my blog. Thank you very much for writing this.

5 Jenson Taylot

Since the new changes were rolled out. Blogger keeps giving me error 503.

Also the change in top level domain names contradicts the whole “link juice” escape thing.

6 Rizwan

Thanks admin, you got very useful infomation…….
blogger has done this to see wordpress seo plugins.

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