Blogging Estate, The Business of 21st Century

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bloggingWhen you own a blog, you are called a blogger and the art in itself is called blogging. On the other hand, owning and managing a property (house) puts you in the cadre of real estate ownership; here you can be referred to as a real estate agent, a property consultant or the Land-lord.

These two are very far from each other yet in my view and analysis, they are both driven in same approach, though one built with the keyboard, the other with bricks. For us to drive along understanding this article better, we need to see the operations and concept of both situations.

Blogging Estate

Mr. XYZ is excited about his new goal to make about $10 million profit in business in the next 2 years. He loves the computer and his world & experiences at his current job & lifestyle are internet based. He has heard so much about blogging i.e. owning a blog and he goes through acquiring the basic skills and knowledge to creating & owning one.

He proceeds to build one, first of all by thinking out a unique name/URL for his new blog. He spends as low as $25 for the domain & hosting for one year plan. He installs the popular and robust wordpress for his blogging because he loves the plugins available and the truth of the matter is that most of the successful bloggers he has read about and that he knows use and recommend wordpress; I also recommend it.

He begins to build up the blog, adding post, quality articles and contents blended with nice images and super info-graphics. He is doing this almost every day because he knows the secret to keep it up and make the search engines love his blog is by him regularly updating it.

Now when people search online for related topics in his niche, simply because his blog utilizes the right keywords, his blog pops up and readers/fans and new visitors make up huge traffic to his site. From inception, only 5 months after, his blog has a page ranking between 1 and 10 and daily traffic averages 19,000 visits. His blog is beginning to build up more value and he throws in some related products/services to monetize the blog. In one year his blog has hit over 10 million visits and he has also sold over $200,000 worth of goods and services. His blog page rank is 6 and the value placed on the blog itself is about $ 5 million.

He still holds on to it and 2 years later the blog value is $17 million and he then decides to sell out.

Below are reasons why this deal is like real estate

  1. Started with $25 which he used for the domain & hosting just like initial acquisition of a property for real estate purposes
  2. He builds it up by adding his time, skills and useful contents similar to getting the property and doing some renovations and extra building touches in real estate.
  3. He monetizes it by adding unique products/services just as it is in mortgaging and rentals in real estate
  4. He decides to sell the blog after much value appreciation at $17 million exactly as it is obtainable in the concept of real estate business.

Isn’t this amazing? From $25 initial hook up fee and probably some hundreds in blog success trainings and tutorials to some multi millions of dollars in profit.

For those who know and agree with this article, there is no better real estate business as the blog estate business.

This is the business of the 21st century and I would love your comments on this; is blog estate bigger than real estate business?

Let’s g beyond Mr.XYZ’s blog and let’s consider other platforms which are not far from the blogging concept; the social media Facebook and the big giant Google. Google and Facebook are worth billions of dollars today and by tomorrow some trillions perhaps.

To your success, Kevin

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1 anilbhogia

Hello Kevin Koll
That is true fact that the era is the technical .so the every man earn to the through the technical way .so the blogging is the best way earn to the money .for this technique no expenditure so i think that blogger is worship of the rewards the public.

2 Evan

Blogging is indeed something that will gain a popularity more and more in the nearest future. So, better to start right now to build a nice blog to get the profit in the future, right. But have to admit, that blogging is a good way to earn extra money only here in States and other English speaking countries. A friend of mine from Russian was seriously shocked when i told him about the money that I earn with my blog, he simply didn’t believe. For them blogging is just a hobby and nothing more. So there are places still we blogging can be like an electricity in 19 century)

3 Kevin

Yes Evan, that is why it is called the business on the 21st century. The blogging approach will make multimillionaires in the venture.
Good luck to all fellow bloggers

4 Nishadha

There are similarities but I don’t think blogging has surpassed real estate just yet. With real estate I think your income is kind of guaranteed. If there is a drastic reduction in market prices you could lose out but it has more chance of succeeding. But with a blog the risks are much higher. And because you need to constantly put time into it you might give it up easily as well.

5 Tony Nguyen

Thanks for these useful tips. There is definitely an opportunity to make money online blogging estate. I believe that we need time and hard work to generate a substantial online income.

6 Raju Srivastawa

Now the mobile website design is in trend because of craze of using the web and multimedia mobile. I think it is the best way to increase your site visitors and business profit.

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