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ONLINE-STOREIzzonet is one of the leading ecommerce solutions in the industry and you only need 15 days to figure out why.

Those 15 days refer to the trial period that Izzonet offer interested clients. This trial is for free – they wouldn’t even ask any credit card details – just your name and a few contact data like your email address, etc. No obligations or commitments are necessary and you can walk away after if you are not satisfied. After creating your password, you will be registered and free to use the 15-day trial period.

Within this timeframe, you will be provided the same features available to Diamond Plan subscribers. What usually costs $99.97 a month will come for free for the next few days. You get to enjoy the following features:

  • Up to 2GB of Image hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • $75 worth of Google AdWords credits
  • Ability to sell digital products
  • Secure website hosting services that has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, back up and everything needed by an ecommerce site
  • Newsletter creation and management
  • Report generation
  • Analytics integration
  • Coupon management and distribution
  • Bulk and wholesale selling
  • Gift wrapping
  • Supplier integration
  • Email management that can be automated
  • Portal to sell on Amazon, eBay (US and Australia) and Facebook Store
  • eBay store integration
  • YouTube movie maker
  • Multi language option
  • Ability to sell on 15 price comparison websites
  • Currency options
  • Your own eCommerce expert for support and live chat

7 Easy Steps to Building an Online Store

As soon as you sign up to your 15-day free trial, you will be instructed to go through the 7 step process that will eventually lead you to the launching of your ecommerce site. They actually have 4-step and 6-step versions of this but for the sake of a more thorough start, let us stick with the 7 steps.

1. Theme

On top of the list is to select the theme for your online store. Izzonet has a hundred web design templates to choose from. The site owner can choose the design that can best exemplify and display the products that they intend to sell.

All of these templates can be revised to suit the specific design specifications of the website that you want to create. The logo generator exhibits ready-made logo designs that can be used by your own online store name. The drag and drop features allow easy layout changes. Even buttons and fonts can be easily customized to fit the requirements of the online store that you have envisioned.

2. Content

When you are satisfied with the look of your site, you can continue to the next step, which is the content. This includes the About Us page where you can incorporate the necessary SEO tags like the title, keywords and descriptions that will help the search engines index and rank your site.

Izzonet provides a list of pre-written content pages that are usually found in ecommerce sites. The site owner can utilize these and rewrite them. Each of the templates contains tips from experts working in Izzonet as part of their intent to help new ecommerce entrepreneurs.

3. Products
Step three involves the uploading, organizing and detailing of products. Staying true to their intent to make things easier, there are sample products uploaded that can be followed. The product name, photo, price and even sale price can be encoded. This is a bit tedious but necessary to make sure you place the right information for your clients.

Izzonet has a watermark feature that you can place on every product photo to avoid unauthorized duplication of materials. Product details can be created to be SEO friendly too.

4. Payments
When the products have been uploaded and detailed, the next phase involves the selecting your payment method. Major payment gateways are available and all the site owner/web developer has to do is to tick off the box of your choice and it will be activated for you. Of course, you need to have an account with the payment gateways before you can connect with them.

5. Tax
In this step, you can set the tax rules for your online store. A store rate can be set and also the shipping tax regulations. Store owners can also create a country specific tax rule that can be great for a diverse market.

6. Domain
During this trial period, you will be assigned a temporary domain name that is generated by Izzonet. However, you have the option to replace this with another name. This is where you can do that.

This platform includes a domain registration service that ecommerce sites can get separately. Izzonet can help check the availability of your selected names and register it for you when necessary.

7. Launch your Site
The last step is to launch your site. Once everything is in order, you can proceed to get your online store live. This means it can be seen by your customers and you get to sell your products and profit out of that.

After the trial period is over you will be asked in you want an upgrade. This is something that you can immediately do even before the trial period expires. When you do upgrade, you will be prompted to choose a proper domain name (if you still do not have one) and complete your account details like your address, industry, company name, etc. Lastly, you will be asked to submit your billing details.

The Izzonet Trial Period

This trial is meant to showcase just how easy it is for online shop owners to set up their ecommerce site. In fact, someone who knows what they want can select easily and eventually set up shop in a few minutes. This will allow them to immediately earn off their online store.

Within minutes after registering, ecommerce experts and customer support will immediately get in touch with you. Also, throughout the trial period, you will be sent various emails with tips and techniques that will help you through the process of website development. Even novice online entrepreneurs will find it easy to create their online store.

In the event that you forgot about the expiration date of your trial period and it suddenly closes on you, do not fret. The Izzonet system will save everything until such time that you are ready to select a plan. You can easily resume where you left off as soon as you subscribe to one of the great plans that they have for their clients.

There are 5 different plans to subscribe to. You have the Gold ($19.97/month), Business ($39.97/month), Platinum ($69.97/month), Diamond ($99.97/month), and Izz’R’Best ($299.97/month). In case you are not satisfied with any of these, you can call Izzonet, tell them the list of features that you want on your package and they will whip up a quotation for you. They are that accommodating and flexible.

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1 Jacob Rosewell

I’ve heard of Izzonet before but I didn’t really think of it much until now. I’m just new to this online store business and I’m getting all the help I can get. Thanks for your article.

2 Joy

Developing an online store is such as big leap that every determined entrepreneur must make to give his customers the ultimate and secure buying experience. Thanks for sharing this resource.

3 Svetlana Koslov

First time I stumble on this Izzonet Monster. Like its extensive features.. How is it different from its competitor?

4 Kelly

I have also tried creating an online store via other websites. However, I find Izzonet’s interface easier to use and more fun to tweak!

5 Veronica

I am thinking of venturing to this online business scheme. I’ve been hearing good feeedback about Izzonet. Thanks for this review

6 Stacey

Didn’t know about online store templates until I saw this post. Been trying to find the most user-friendly way to sell my products online. Maybe I’ll try this one.

7 Calra

Izzonet has good features in it. I believe that it would definitely be more beneficial to build an online store through it.

8 aayna

A friend of mine who is in the business of online store development talks a lot about the benefits of Izzonet. Till today I never took him seriously, but post reading this post I realized the importance of Izzonet. Thanks for sending this eye opener.

9 Justin

I’ve used it before, it’s actually not bad. A little bit pricy compared to other solutions, but still not bad.

Good list of features by the way, perhaps you could do a post with comparisons to other software?

Nice read, thanks!

10 Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

The core factors that needs to be at top gears as regards building and launching customers’ raving online store that would later turn into mega wads of profits are

1. Good traffic source
2. Powerful compelling contents marketing system
3. solid and failure-proof sales funnel with good call to action

11 saqib

I must say that Features are great for online store! I am thinking about opening online cloths or digital material products which I will going to sell! do you think its right move to choose this?

12 Stuart Crawford

Much prefer WooCommerce, or even Shopp. Run my commerce site on WooCommerce and the addons are incredible.

13 Emily Harission

Sorry but I found that the price of the izzonet is more that the functionality provided by it. Can you please explain in brief about the specialty of izzonet?

14 Joahn Adam

The important thing with Izzonet is the free trial and the unlimited bandwidth that most of eCommerce applications don’t have this feature.

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