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Change Menu Background To Black in Samsung Wave S525

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If you’re a Samsung Wave 525 user you might know very well that you cannot have a custom main menu background like 8300 or 8500 nor even with the Samsung Theme designer. However if you would like to have a black main menu background, you can do that simply by editing two files. Yes, you can have your main menu background in black like mine. See the image below:

Just follow the tutorial below exactly. Remember, always back up your original file in a safe directory, before editing or replacing any file. So, create two folders, named as “Original” and another one as “Edited“. Copy the original file to Original folder and “Save as” the edited file in Edited folder. Watch the video tutorial below and follow each steps carefully.

Thanks Kiki and luciferps.

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1 Rado Chuchkov

Hi, Sahil
>I’d like to ask you about that video tutorial(Change Menu Background To Black in Samsung Wave S525), where is it?I can’ t see it!
>Can you send me a link?
>Thanks a lot in advance
>Best Regards

2 Sahil Umatia

The video has been removed by YouTube.

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