iBlognet is Now Using CommentLuv Premium With DoFollow Enabled

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We are happy to announce that we’re now using CommentLuv Premium with DoFollow enabled. CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that rewards your blog readers and commentators by linking to their latest blog post. The creator of this plugin Andy Bailey has made two versions of this plugin: free and the premium version. The free version has some basic features, while the premium version has more advance features. Check out the features here.

The plugin has completed its 1 year with 550k+ downloads and is offering unlimited CommentLuv Premium license for dime sale as a relaunch of the plugin. So if you’re thinking to upgrade from free to premium version, now is the best time to get the Premium version of the plugin for $21. Because the price keeps on increasing after 5 sales. So it’s better you get one now from here because the offer ends on September 3rd, 2012.

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1 Varinder Pal Singh

Great News Sahil and thanks for making this blog Dofollow and CommentLUV.

2 Ben

Good call! My site isn’t really big enough to get many comments yet but when it is I’ll open it up as Dofollow with commentluv, I think it’s a win/win situation.

3 Michael Davis

Gratitude to you for the conversion!

4 Lionel

Thats a fantastic news. I wish enabling ‘Dofollow’ on your blog will help you to take your blogging career to the next level.

5 Adam D. Oglesby

I’m new to blogging with a miniscule audience and a non existent page rank.

Does it make sense to get commentluv this early in the game?

Will it encourage comments even before the site has the page rank to induce blogger traffic?

6 Jacqueline Bork

It’s a great plugin, I have this on my blog

7 Pradeep Farkya

I also got commentluv premium during sale and its a great plugin.Like the control over dofollow links 🙂

8 Mike Kingsu

Could you tell me what is the difference between the wordpress comment system and the comment luv?


9 Sahil Umatia

WordPress comment system is the default one, while CommentLuv is a just a WordPRess pugin that makes the WP commenting system more exciting and useful. 🙂

10 Jennifer

Hi Sahil,

I’ve been thinking about getting CommentLuv for a while, this article was the reassurance I needed to start! Thanks!

11 K Bharath

CommentLuv is a best plugin to attract commenters on blog, and its good news that iblognet is using premium version.

so what are the plugins to be used for decreasing the spam comments on blog?
i get lot of spam comments any recommendations would be great.

12 Rohan Advani

i am planning to put comment luv instead of disqus , is it really worth it?

13 Sahil Umatia

Yes, it is.. !! Give a try to the free version of CommentLuv.

14 Gurwinder

Its great , so here is my first comment here 🙂

15 Kamran


Great new you share Sahil, i am really happy that now each blog commenting will be do follow. thank for doing this work for us. keep it up.


16 Syamsul Alam

Well, I must say that this site is great, your article is nicely written, and CommentLuv and KeywordLuv is big incentive for visitors (and fellow bloggers) to leave comment.

Perhaps it’s time for me to use CommentLuv too… 😀

One question Sahil, are you from India? Just curious…

17 Deepak

Commentluv is really a nice plugin.

After Reading your post i have installed it on my blog.

Thanks Bro

18 saonbd

This is a great advantage for readers no doubt about this. Using commentluv and keyword luv plugin always help to increase traffic. I want to be regular here.

19 Justin

CommentLuv is great. I personally don’t have it yet because of monetary constraints, but yes, it is crucial to have when you can get it!

So yes, agreed!

20 Gaurav Gahlyan

Yup, that’s a good idea. You will get more social traffic now. Congrats, I have been a regular reader of your blog, and always find something or other that’s really helpful.

21 Cheng Su

Can you tell me when we will get the FREE VERSON?

22 Sahil Umatia

Very Soon!! 🙂

23 Rater

Is it possible to implement into php page aswell, or is it only for wordpress?!

24 Sahil Umatia

Nope. Only for WordPress blogs.

25 Home Interior Blogs

oohhh crap!
I am late for this offer

26 Sahil Umatia

You can still get a chance to win an Unlimited version of the plugin. http://www.iblognet.com/giveaway-commentluv-premium-unlimited-license.html

27 Andy Britnell

CommentLuv is such a great plugin since it is really 7 plugins in one!

That helps you in a number of ways. It stops the bloat of plugins which slow down your site, It’s so popular and well used that it will always be updated to keep in line with WordPress and you get to share a bit of luv with your fellow bloggers.

I make sure I install it on all my sites so remember to get a developers license if you want to add value to your clients’ blogs

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