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Review of: CommentLuv Premium
Andy Bailey
$97 (Unlimited)

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On December 23, 2012
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CommentLuv Premium is a paid version of WordPress plugin developed by Andy Bailey which helps bloggers to encourage readers to post comments, generate social sharing and interact on your blog posts.

commentluv-logoCommentLuv Premium is a paid version of WordPress plugin developed by Andy Bailey which helps bloggers to encourage readers to post comments, generate social sharing and interact on your blog posts.

The plugin also provides many other interesting features which are not available in the free version of the plugin. I have been using the premium version of the plugin since last six month and I can see the difference in my blog by seeing the number of comments and increased social sharing. And so here is my another great review about the plugin. =)

Plugin Features

1. GASP [GrowMap Anti-Spambot plugin]

The plugin is an alternative to Akismet Anti Spam plugin. GASP basically keeps the spam bot away by adding a checkbox in the comment section which asks the commentator to verify if they are human or a bot. Other than this it also provides other options like you can set minimum required number of words in the comment, Minimum amount of seconds on page before commenting, banned search terms and others…

2. Trackback Validation

Another great feature of CommentLuv Premium is that it allows to control trackbacks to your blog. You can enable or disable trackbacks and self ping, validate IP address and URL of trackbacks, and you can also take per-moderated actions of the trackbacks. See the image below:

3. TwitterLink

CommentLuv Premium adds another great feature called TwitterLink. TwitterLink is a WordPress plugin which is embeded with the CommentLuv Premium version. You can know more about the plugin from here. Basically it allow users to link their twitter profile links while commenting. You can change the position and format of the twitter link as required. Below is the screenshot of the settings page:

4. KeywordName

The Premium version comes integrated with another plugin called KeywordLuv. The will allow commentators to link their anchor text, giving them more link juice to the website link. The settings page allows you to customize the text below comment form and the link format how they are displayed. It also allows you to set the minimum and maximum number of keywords. If the commentator adds more than allowed specified number of keywords, the remaining keyword will be striped out.

KeywordName Settings

5. ReplyMe

ReplyMe is a new feature in CommentLuv Premium plugin. This feature will automatically send a notification to the commentator if their comment has a new reply. You can set the daily email sent limit, plus you can customize the email content.

ReplyMe Settings

Other features include….

CommentLuv-Features The CommentLuv Plugin

Plugin Cost

The plugin is available in three site license: Single Site, Multi-Site and Unlimited Site license key. The Single site license is priced $67, Multi-Site is priced $87 while the unlimited license is priced $97. Click on the buy now button below to use my affiliate link to help me out.


Final Words…

This plugin is a blockbuster. No matter if you buy the single site license or the unlimited one’s it’s worth the value. If you want to get the unlimited license of the plugin for FREE [yes, absolutely free] wait until my next post…

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1 Patricia Weber

This is so helpful. I have this upgraded version but just don’t take the time to look through things to know what to activate and what to ignore. Great starting place with this. Thanks.

2 Steve

I suppose we should consider using Comment Luv to generate more user engagement on our blog. Thanks for posting.

3 Ileane

Hey Sahil,

Thanks for this fantastic review of CommentLuv. I know that it has done wonders for increasing engagement on my blog.

4 Agung

I already have CommentLuv Premium, so it would be pointless for me to enter this contest, but I’m glad to see so many bloggers are giving this plugin away! Does Andy offer it to you or are all of these bloggers buying it to distribute?

5 charansingh

I have been running both the Comment Luv and Keyword Luv plugins for WordPress for a while on my blog now and I really like them.

Sure, whenever you use plugins that are built around encouraging readers to comment, spam certainly goes up, but so do good comments too.
and is a simple WordPress plugins.
increase commenting engagement

6 Susan

Nice! We’re currently using the free commentluv edition but after seeing the benefits of having the premium one, i was hooked. Count me in!

7 yash

It’s way to costly still.. have to save a lot for those features by cmluv premium

8 Shiv Govind Patel

hey i used only free version. If it is really helpful then i will definitely go for premium any. Please share if it has any draw back!

9 Praveen Soni

Hello Sahil,
Wow.. Awesome review.
comment luv plugin is best it is also helpful in driving the traffic 🙂
thanks for the sharing.

10 Mukesh

Without any doubt, all those features make the commentluv plugin the best of all. What I like most about this plugin is that it allows to use the default WP comment system!

11 Ehab Boghdady

Thanks for this review, i prefer comment luv plugin i see this is better one this days, but I think it is need high cost to be premium 🙁

12 Lei Broch

Commentluv is a great plugin if you really want to increase the number of users that leave comments on your blog post.

13 Pramod

Hi Sahil,
I will use Comment Luv plugins for my WordPress blog. I hope it will work properly.Thanks for Sharing such informative article.

14 himanshu

I too Charles was annoyed of spammy comments then i used GASP this is among the most effective plugins to deal with those spammers.

15 Reginald

Thanks for sharing! However, I been trying to figure this out. What’s the difference between multi site and developer version?

Been google-ing for hours and doesn’t seem to be able to find for the answer.


16 HPBaru.com

Thanks for sharing! Commentluv plugin comment is the best comment for searching backlink. In addition, Commentluv comment is good for simple comment and desain. Thank

17 Nathan

Awesome review on CommentLuv Plugin. It is really very useful plugin to get traffic and life to your post.

Thank you Sahil! Nice Job.

18 Suhas

This is one of the best reviews on CommentLuv plugins. These days there are many positive and negative news about CommentLuv plugin and everything is very confusing, however this reviews helps in understanding the the CommentLuv concept. Thanks Saahil.

19 Dhiraj Das

Nice review! thinking of shifting to commentluv

20 Phil

Nice review of CommentLuv Premium which I purchased a while back but haven’t used yet. Just waiting to get the right blog up and running to use it and see if the plugin can help me engage visitors to comment.

21 Ewen Phan

Hi Sahil,
sorry this comment does not relate to commentluv.
I see you have great box in to top right to show the summary and the rating, and also the star rating for the review in the sidebar. Could you please teach me how to do it?

22 Sahil Umatia

That’s a plugin called AuthorhReview.

23 Ewen Phan

thanks Sahil, I got it 🙂

24 tony nguyen

Thanks for sharing! Commentluv plugin comment is the best comment for searching backlink. It is really very useful plugin to get traffic and life to your post.

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