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How To Create Custom Google Chrome Theme

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Google-ChromeIf you’re a hardcore Google Chrome user, you might have tried many different themes for your Chrome browser to give a new look. Sometimes it’s too easy to find the right theme for your browser, but sometimes you don’t get what you’re looking for. Its possible you might not like the tab color or add a background to the browser.

But now it’s possible to create your own custom Google Chrome theme in just 3 minutes. Google Chrome added a new extension to its Extensions repository called as “My Chrome Theme“. With this extension you could change the active/inactive tab color and add a custom background. Although, the customization is a bit limited, but you can spice up your chrome browser with your company, brand or give it a personal touch.

create custom google chrome theme

Just head over to the extension repository and install the extension from here. Open a new tab and switch to the App Tab. And start making your own theme or see the video below to know more about the extension:

Make sure you don’t use too large size images. A 640×480 image would also do the work. Do check out some of my themes I created with “My Chrome Theme”

Taj Mahal Google Chrome ThemeInstall Taj Mahal Google Chrome Theme

Windows 8 Google Chrome ThemeInstall Windows 8 Google Chrome Theme

Google Plus Chrome ThemeInstall Google Plus Chrome Theme

Brooklyn Decker Google Chrome ThemeInstall Brooklyn Decker Google Chrome Theme

BMW Chrome ThemeInstall BMW Google Chrome Theme

Sofia Zamolo Chrome ThemeInstall Sofia Zamolo Chrome Theme

Do try out this plugin and we would love it if you share your custom theme with us. Do share your views!

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1 Nazmul

its is very important for using Google chrome…..
thank you sharing for your post

2 KBharath

Wow you have created some good Themes.

3 Pawan

I tried this method and it worked awesome. Thanks for sharing this information with great style and looks 😉 keep it up.

4 Jafar Dhada

Hey nice!!

I love this tutorial, I’ll certainly create a theme myself now! Hats off!!

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