Infographic: Is Your Password Strong Enough?

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strong-passwordCreating strong passwords is very important. An attacker who wants to break into one of your accounts manually might first try passwords like your middle name, your birth date, or other keywords that are very much related to you somehow. If that doesn’t works, the attacker might use a program which uses dictionary attack, brute force or rainbow tables.

On other hand many website uses nowadays uses social media API’s to login. The attacker can easily break into the API code, compromising websites database which contains users login information. PasswordGenei released an infographic that displays commonly used passwords and some tips to create strong passwords. Check out the infographic below:Strong-passwords

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1 Rahul

Security problem has always created an issue thus such posts help alot in securing our passwords.I’ll follow the tips for sure.

2 Tushar Agarwal

Nice infographic on password breaches. Well i use lastpass to generate and store secure passwords, saves a lot of hassle. But still lastpass passwords need to be protected with a strong password.

3 Rusty

This topic is really interesting on my part since I was a victim of hacking before. I used to have the same password on my fb, my email, paypal and even on payoneer debit card.. All of them had the same password which was tend to got easily invade and crack by those hacker. It took me month before I recover everything but the worse scenario was that.. that person emailed and message every person listed on my personal email and facebook account. After that incident and learning from being lousy on my personal account, I get more wiser and vigilant especially when dealing or buying through online… And stop using the same passwords in all of your account!!

4 Chan Hui Kent

Lastpass is a great tool. We can use it for free on browsers. But if you want to use it on mobile devices, you have to go for subscription though, with a small yearly fee.

5 myles

Yes combining numeras and additional characters helped a lot.! 😀

6 Lei Broch

Thank you for sharing these stats about password breach. It is right, the harder a password to remember, the harder it is to crack. On the other hand, there are cases when users forget their password because it is to complex to remember. So, make sure that you remember your password at all times.

7 Lee

Hi sahil
I have never given my passwords to much worry before because basically I have thought why would people want to hack in to me they are not going to gain much. But now thinking if they just messed up my couple of blogs and all my work. I would be devistated. So am going to definatelt going to try and make myself and my data more secure.

Thanks for the great heads up lee

8 Shyam

Great Infography, Most people do some easy patterns when creating their passwords. I always try to keep long passwords. Any password has a pattern, but it’s weakness is depend on easy patterns.

9 himanshu

Nicely explained dude the cautious factor is to not to choose passwords from dictionary which are easily got by the hackers with the help of some special softwares.
Great tips.

10 devinder

After seeing this infographic, I now know that my Facebook password is strong enough to be cracked. Thanks for this post, I was never so confident about my password.

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