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DropPages is a free service offered by DropBox. This service lets you to create a free static website, of 5 pages. A static website can be about yourself- like an about.me page or a online CV for the next job interview, or a custom page describing about your product and services offered. The static page can be about anything. Even if you don’t have any CSS or HTML knowledge you can still create your own free website within a minute or you can use the MarkDown format which is easy to use and understand.

Below is the screen shot of the website which I created with DropPages:

Steps to Create website with DropPages:

1. Goto Dropbox.com,create an account and download the desktop client from here. Install the desktop client and login with your ID and password you created. Also choose a specific folder to create a dropbox folder, from where all your files will be synchronized.

2. Download this demo site, extract it and change the folder name to somename.dropbox.com from demo.dropbox.com or if you are good in creating and editing templates make your one own or google some open source templates. You can edit those templates in Microsoft Office FrontPage.

3.The zip file contains of the following 4 files:

The content folder consist of files which you need to display on your site. The files can be edited in notepad, there’s no coding skills required. The names of each files are specific, so you can easily know what goes in each file.

The Public folder consists of the Javascript and CSS files. Don’t edit these files, if you are not well known with its coding. The Template folder contains the templates for the various pages and its content. Shouldn’t be edited if you are not well known with its coding. And finally the Readme.txt file contains the content stored.

4. Once you are done editing the contents folder save all the files and copy the whole folder to the My Dropbox folder where you previously specified while installing DropBox. [By default its in My Documents folder]

5. Finally, right click on the folder, go to the Dropbox section and click on share this folder which will take you to the server1@droppages.comserver.

6. Once you share your folder, wait for an approval. You will receive an email once your folder gets approved. After getting approved your website will go live.

7. If you need to edit any content of the website, just goto the dropbox folder on your desktop, and edit the files as required.

DropPages allows novice users to use Dropbox as their free web hosting gear. DropPages is still in its early beta stage. You can use a custom domain name which will be coming soon in near days. Get your very own personal website today @DropPages

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I have seen some of geek who succeed to install Wordpress on Dropbox or it’s just rumor hopefully find something useful! Thanks.

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