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Remember These 4 Tips When Designing New Website

by Guest Author

It is important that your website makes a good impression the first time people visit your site. Being cautious of how your website looks can help you achieve this.  It is essential that you use an aesthetically pleasing and effective web design for your site. If you are setting up a new website or you have plans to do a major makeover to your website’s template, here are some of the things that you need to remember when designing your website:


Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Your website visitors will have a hard time finding the information that they are looking for if your site is too cluttered and unorganized. If your visitors are looking for your contact information, for example, they cannot easily find your email or your RingCentral number if your site is a sea of banner ads, badges and images. Ensure that your visitors get a good browsing experience by making your website organized and easy to navigate. You can do this by eliminating clutter on your site. Posting too many ads, widgets and images on your site can overwhelm your visitors and can make your site look too cluttered so try to remove some of these elements from your site. You can also group your content according to category or date published to make it easier for your visitors to sort through your articles. You can also use breadcrumb navigation so your visitors can easily know the category of the article they are reading.

Avoid Using Colors that may Irritate Your Readers’ Eyes

If you do not want to discourage your visitors from reading your content, see to it that you choose colors that are easy on your readers’ eyes. Your readers will have a hard time looking at your site’s pages if you use colors that are hurtful to their eyes. Bright colors, for example, can be blinding so avoid using very bright colors for both of your website’s background and text. Using dark colored text on a dark background is not a good idea either because the color combination can make your content unreadable. When choosing colors, go for light colors for your background and choose dark colored text. Strangely enough, there are still sites out there that do not take this tip into account and scare visitors away.

Use Web Friendly Fonts

No matter how much you strive to produce quality content for your website, the articles you write can be rendered useless if your site visitors cannot read them because you chose a font style and size that makes your text difficult to read. Stylized fonts may be pretty to look at but they are difficult to read so avoid using them if you want your visitors to read the articles that you publish on your website. If you want people to read your content, then stick to web friendly fonts such as Verdana and Georgia. You should also use a font size that is large enough to be easily read by your readers.

Include a Search Function on Your Site

Most of the people who visit your website are likely searching for information. If your website is set up for business purpose, for example, people may visit your website to look for news about your company or for the price list of the products that you sell. Some of the information people are looking for in your site, however, are too old they are no longer accessible from the site’s main page. Make it easier for your visitors to find what they need by including a search function on your website. Your visitors will be glad to find a search bar in your header or in your sidebar if they are having a hard time finding the content and pages they need.

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1 Od Wonder

Hey Young, you took time out to write such an educative post in terms of site architecture, thumbs up on this. I think colors and fonts is an area where most new bloggers dont always get it right, this will help them in putting things right.

2 Leslie Young

Thanks Od Wonder. I’m glad you like my article.

3 Stephan

Very useful tips for people who want to start their own website.
In my opinion, people should concentrate on Color and Search Function, really important, the more convenience viewers feel, the more traffic you can get.
Thanks for your sharing.


4 Leslie Young

Thanks Stephan. That’s correct, because visitors are very particular with the website interface.

5 Shalin

These are some essential tips when designing a website. Also the website should be less weight, in the sense the loading time should be very less so that the visitors will be interested in always visiting it.

6 Leslie Young

I agree Shalin, thanks for adding that. Loading time is also important because some visitors don’t have patient when the page takes so much time to load.

7 Rajesh Jhamb

page speed of landing page should be fast so that next time visitor also visit your blog.
Also simple and easy navigation also increase traffic on your blog.

8 Gautham Nekkanti


Thanks for sharing these intuitive designing tips. These tips really help me to get me fixed on. And, another important designing rule it to follow the golden ratio.

9 obed

Thanks for this tutorial, i strongly believe in navigation and good fonts because easy to read website means more time spent on it. Thank you for this.

10 Pankaj Chauhan

Hi Leslie…Thanks a lot for these tips.

I agree with you on all the points and especially two of them are extremely important that you site’s navigation system should be simple and easy so that users should not have difficulty in traversing the blog or websites.

and the second one is the appearance of the site. I agree with you that sometimes, some webmaster do user pretty irritating colors and that’s really annoying at times.

11 meisha

Hi Leslie, I’m so agree that our sites should be made as comfortable as possible for the visitors. Many of sites that I visited make me annoy cuz I can’t read and see their contents clearly due the fonts have the same contrast with the backgrounds 🙁 It’s so unfortunate you know, if the contents so great but it’s cannot be read by us as visitor…

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