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The recent overhaul of Facebook has bought lots of changes to its design and features. The New Facebook design is completely different than the previous one. They have added a series of features like the Facebook News feed, along with the subscribe button for profiles, Smart list and many more unannounced features yet to come. But one of the most annoying and unwanted feature, disliked by millions of people was the Facebook Ticker.

The Facebook Ticker is nothing but a brief news updates displayed in the sidebar with real time updates.  Everything what happens on Facebook is seen in the ticker. Facebook doesn’t allow you to close the ticker, stating:

You can’t close ticker, but you can make it smaller by moving the horizontal bar between ticker and chat. Slide the bar up to hide ticker and make your chat list longer. Pull the bar down to show more of the ticker and hide chat.

If you find this ticker annoying, you can disable this simply by installing a Chrome extension or a userscript for Firefox.If you are hardcore Firefox user like me, you would first need to install the GreaseMonkey Addon, and then just install this userscript. Now visit you Facebbok homepage. And viola! the ticker got kicked out of the homepage. If you’re a Chrome user, just install this chrome extension and vsit you homepage.

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