Download Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11

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Opera.com has released its latest versions of Mobile Browsers; Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11. Both the versions are now available to download supported by most platform, except iPhone OS. Opera Mini 6 supports every symbian and J2ME phones while Opra Mobile 11 supports smart phones an tablets.

The latest versions of Opera Mobile Browsers works smooth. The new opera browsers now have an option to pinch zoom on multitouch devices and an option in sub menu to share a page.The share option gives the ability to share on facebook, twitter, share by bluetooth, share by SMS, Gmail, Friend Stream and Peep. Also opening a link as a new tab in Opera Mobile and Mini loads it in the background instead of the foreground.

Opera Mobile 11 is meant for running on smartphones, Android, Symbian, Windows 7 desktop and others. The Opera Mobile 11 web browser is ready to smoothly function with the HTML5 based web pages and web apps.

Moreover, this month Opera added its own app store for android devices which allows you to purchase and install apps through the browser. Opera mini and Opera mobile are free to download, but data charges may apply.

Download Opera Mini 6 From Here [JAR]
Download Opera Mini 6 From Here [JAD]
Download Opera Mobile Browser

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1 Akash

hey Sahil – you have shared the wonder news. Well I am big fan of Opera Mini browser as it works very fast and after loading browsing is so smooth that’s why I always place it in the top of my must have list android apps. Anyways thank you for this news 🙂

2 Hafiz

Hi, Sahil – Iam a Big fan of Opera mini browser.I think opera mini is the best browser for mobile user.thanks man

3 Kishore

No one on Android should be using opera Mini, use Opera Mobile it links with your desktop (Opera Link) has mobile and desktop user agents it is for lack of a better word.

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