How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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Windows 8 LogoIts been a week after the launch of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and this beta version has already crossed millions of downloads around the world. If you want to try Windows 8 on your PC, but you don’t want to lose your Windows 7 installation files, you can try dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8. The process of dual booting is very much simple. Download the installation file, create partition and install that copy on the new partitioned drive. Don’t worry! You can follow the steps below:

Creating Partition

1. First you need to create a separate partition of atleast 20GB or more to install Windows8. Run [Press Win+R] diskmgmt.msc.

2. You will see a list of all your partition drives. Right click on C: drive [or any] and shrink that volume to 20,480MB [20*1024MB].

Windows 8 Dual Boot

3. After this you will see an unpartitioned space with black strip. Right click on it and create new volume. Select the drive letter, name it as Windows 8 and keep the disk size as it is. No need to change it.

Downloading Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Download Windows 84. Now you need to download the copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I recommend you to download the installer rather than downloading the iso file all in once. Because the key mentioned below ISO link, won’t work. Each PC has unique Product key and so the key will be different for you. Don’t worry! You can take a back up of the downloaded files later. Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here. Do subscribe to get latest updates from Microsoft.

5. The downloading will take some time depending on your internet connection speed. Before downloading starts, it will check for current software compatibility and provide you with a unique product key specifically for your PC. You should note down that Product key on a piece of paper.

Windows 8 Product key

6. After the download is complete you have an option to create a ISO copy of the downloaded files to create a bootable Windows 8 USB or DVD setup. Other than this you can take take a back up copy of fresh downloaded files from C:\Windows ESD, only after the downloading is finished.

Windows 8 Dual Boot

7. The installer also provides an option to burn the iso file using Windows 7 inbuilt Burner tool.

Installing Windows 8

8. After you have finished burning the iso file to USB or DVD, reboot your PC with the DVD or USB. Then process is very much easier. Just click on the Install button.

9. You will have two option to install Win8CP. Either you can upgrade from previous Win8 Developer version or Custom install. You need to select Custom if you installing a fresh copy.

Windows 8 Dual Boot

10. Then select the drive which you partitioned in the first step. And then the installation will start itself. Once it is installed name your PC.

11. You have two options to setup win8 settings. One is Express setting and other is Custom one. Choose Express settings if you want to login Win8 using your Microsoft account or choose custom if you want to login using Local account.

Windows 8 Dual Boot

Windows 8 Dual Boot

12. After couple of reboots, you will see an option to choose the default Windows to boot. You can change the default to Windows7 boot.

Windows 8 Dual Boot

Windows 8 Dual Boot

That’s it, you have finally dual booted Win7 and Win8 and finally you will land on your Windows 8 Metro UI. You can follow the video tutorial below if you get stuck any where or just comment below to get and I will get back you soon. Do share your views!!!

Video Tutorial

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1 sid

how to uninstall if i want to goback to win 7 only …

2 Sahil Umatia

After installing Windows 8, restart your PC to select your default windows to boot.

3 channo

how can i find Microsoft win8?

4 Sahil Umatia

Read above post.

5 G Sanders

The dual booting process is indeed, much easier that I thought, but you need some free space on your hard drive (more than 20GB, I think it’s better to have around 40GB or more).

6 Nitya

Thank you for sharing such information and making it so easy for us to dual boot.I will surely try it.

7 Atif Imran

Hey Sahil Umatia , Your presentation style is really easy and straightforward . Really nice . Windows 7 and windows 8 , I think it will be a great combination .

8 Sebin Thomas

Perfect post bro, you include every bit of details. I’m using Mac OS X ML 10.8 and windows 8 on my Lenovo Laptop. Now I want to refresh my windows 8 because it lags so much. Is there is anyway to refresh the windows without affecting any files in the drive?

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