Enable Tab Thumbnail Preview in Firefox 4

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One of the feature of Firefox 4 Beta was it tabs preview which was disable in later versions. The tab preview worked in similar to the Opera Tabs preview by pressing Ctrl+tab key. It looks more like the task-bar preview and more convenient to switch through tabs. You can too enable this by following the steps below:

– In the address-bar, type ‘about:config’ and press enter. Bypass the security by clicking ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’ button.

– In the ‘Filter’ box, type ‘browser.allTabs.previews’, Double-click its entry and change its value to ‘true’.

– Similarly find browser.ctrlTab.previews, Double-click its entry and change it value to ‘true

– Close the configuration tab. Now you will notice the small ‘All tabs’ icon the extreme right in the tool-bar. Click it. or press Ctrl+Shift+E key.

– Once you click the ‘All Tabs’ button, all the tabs will get listed just below the toolbar in a considerably large thumbnail previews.

You can also access Tab preview by pressing Ctrl+Tab key.

That’s it !!! You are done.

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