Facebook Commenting System Adds Permalinks And Hides Spam Links

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Facebook-CommentsLast year, Facebook added permalinks to the comments plugin many organizations use to incorporate commenting functionality in their websites, blogs, and community forums. However, the company decided not to introduce a version of the feature for its main site.

This was strange seeing how with Twitter, its biggest rival, each tweet has a unique URL that allows one to easily find their way back to certain parts of the discussion. For whatever reason, Facebook has decided to move as it recently added support for comment permalinks on its core platform.

Easy Access to the Commenting Party

By adding permalinks, Facebook has provided a convenient way for users to link directly to any comment made on the site. The link can now be accessed by clicking on the clickable time-stamp that appears beneath a user’s dialogue. From there, the user is taken to a page where they can access the permalink.

They can also simply right-click on the time-stamp and select “Copy” from the menu without dealing with the page navigation stuff. Once they have the permalink, getting back to the conversation is as easy as pasting it in their browser bar. When a user visits the link, they will see the comment they have been tracking at the top of the page on Facebook.


With this update being exclusive to within the Facebook ecosystem, the addition of permalinks does not offer any sort of SEO value. However, it could be useful for avid Facebook users, as well as the brands they interact with via the Pages feature. In the past, keeping up with comments was hectic to say the least.

When dozens or even hundreds of people are discussing a topic, pinpointing what this person or that person said can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack. Now with permalinks added to the equation, users can easily keep up with what’s being said, which could result in more engagement and interactivity for page owners.

Spam Comments Tucked Away

facebook-spam- comments

Source: Facebook + Journalists

Facebook has also made a move to minimize spam on the site – or at least minimize its visibility. With the changes in effect, spammy comments are now being completely hidden from the discussion. This is a significant update seeing how they were only being grayed out before.

But page administrators still have the final say over what is spam and what isn’t. Administrators can simply click the ellipsis hiding the potential spam, review the comment, and determine what action they want to take, which is either letting it slide, deleting it, or blocking the user who posted it.

It looks like the recent round of updates is another move on the part of Facebook to improve public perception as it moves closer to its initial public offering on Wall Street. Commenting is a big part of the overall experience, so providing easier access to discussions and cleaning up the garbage is a subtle, yet effective way to enhance that perception. We see this being an update both users and page owners embrace.

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1 Surender Markam

This is really a great update from facebook for bloggers and webmasters. I’m also using Fb comment system and noticed these changes too.

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