Finally Google Integrates +1 Button with Google+

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Finally Google +1 button is useful for sharing contents on Google+ wall. Now you can easilyshare any content on your Google+ wall using the +1 button itself. The +1 button will now work in a similar fashion as of Facebook’s Like button. Google has extended the functionality of their +1 button by adding two new features. Snippets and the inline annotation. See the image below. This will in effect integrate +1 with Google+ completely, thus allowing the Google+ social network to make sharing links a lot more easier.

Inline Annotation

The snippets function will allow you to share content on Google+ and annotation feature will just work like the Facebook’s Like button. It will show faces of the users and the number of users who +1’d.

As usual it has not yet launched globally, but impatient users can give a try to this by registering here. Just hover on the +1 button and the snippet light box function will pop up!!! You can try and share this page by hovering on the +1 button at the top. You can only share the content only if you click on the +1 button.

How to Add +1 Snippet button?

Check this article for stepwise procedure to Add Google +1 button to your website or visit here to add the button.

You can customize your snippet by adding custom title, image and description. Its not necessary to add the customize snippet as you might have already added the meta tags to your pages. The snippet will be automatically fetched with the meta tags and body content.

How to add +1 Inline annotation feature?

Sharing content on Google+ with the +1 button will automatically create a “+snippet” a link to the web content, an image and a short description that can be posted in a user’s Google+ sharebox. Google claims its +1 buttons are getting more than 4 billion daily views on sites around the web it still trails behind Facebook and its popular “Like” button.

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