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A path to successful online business starts from finding a good domain name. Whether you want to build a personal blog of a startup company, the first step will be to find a good domain name. And yes, the task is not an easy one, but with the help of the 25 sites we listed below you can surely manage to find one!

1. BustAName

One of the best domain research tools on the Internet. Simply insert any number of keywords, prefixes, or suffixes, and the service will mix and match them for you, revealing what domains are available out of the formed combinations.

2. Company Name Generator

Another tool you can use to generate Web 2.0 and startup names. You just need to click on “Generate” and one company name will be suggested to you, along with its status (i.e., whether it is available or not).

3. Domain Fellow

Simply select a keyword, a category, and whether you want to add prefixes or suffixes. The tool will do the rest for you, creating a list with hundreds of domain suggestions.

4. Domain Pigeon

If you are going to build a website you’ll probably create a Twitter account for it too, right? Domain Pigeon will help you on this task, and it has a lit of available domain names where the respective Twitter user name is also available.

5. Domain Tools Suggestions

Domain Tools offers a wide range of tools for domain owners. If you are looking for available domain names, however, you should check the “Domain Suggestions” one. Simply input a keyword and the tool will create a large list of domain suggestions for you.

6. DomainTyper

This tool works like other real time domain searchers, but apart from checking the normal domains it will also list for you the available domain hacks. As a bonus there is a Web 2.0 domain generator tool on the left side.

7. Psychic Whois

With Psychic Whois you can also see the available domains in real time, but it creates a list of suggestions as you type the letter.

8. NameStation

Looking for a brandable domain? This tool is what you need. It creates a list of random words, and checks whether the respective domain is available or not. You can specify the length of the words and what characters should be used.

9. AptDomain

AptDomain will mix and match words for you, just like Bust A Name. The difference is that each words has a “Synonyms” link you can click to explore and add the synonyms of that word to the list.

10. SaveSpell

SaveSpell offers a database of domains that expired recently. On the homepage you’ll find the list of the most recent expired domains, and you can also use the search function and filters to refine the results.

11. Domai.nr

Another tool that will create domain hacks for you. Domai.nr is supposed to search among 280 top level extensions and 2,014 second level ones.

12. DomainsBot

This tool operates like a domain name search engine. After you type in some keywords it will create a list of related domains for you. The more keywords you include, the bigger the list. You can also use filters to refine the results.

13. Domize

Domize works like the other real time search tools, with one difference: it will break down the word you input. If you type “marketing”, for example, the tool will check the availability of mar.com, mark.com, marke.com, market.com, marketi.com, marketin.com and marketing.com (it also checks the .net, .org and .biz extensions).

14. Dot-o-mator

The tool allows you to choose a set of pre-defined prefixes and suffixes, and then it will mix and match them for you, checking if the resulting domains are available or not. You can also add your own prefixes and suffixes.

15. dyyo.com

Short domains tend to be very valuable, and that is why all the 3-letter domains are already gone. There are still some 4-letter domains available, though, and this tool will help you find them.

16. EuroDNS

If you are looking to get domains with foreign extensions, this tool is just what you need. It can search for domains with extensions on Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania.

17. GoDaddy Bulk Search

This tool offered by GoDaddy is really useful if you want to research a large amount of domains at the same time. You can list up to 500 words in the input box, and choose from a wide range of extensions (e.g., .co, .me, .asia, .mx). After that hit “Search” and the tool will tell you which domains are available.

18. NameBoy

A basic tool that offers domain name ideas. All you need to do is type in a primary keyword (and a secondary one if you want), and it will display a list with relevant domain names, highlighting which extensions of the domain are registered and which are available.

19. Instant Domain Search

This tool enables you to see which domains are registered and which are available as you type them in the search box, letter by letter. It checks the .com, .net and .org extensions.

20. Domain Name Soup

A complete suite of domain name search tools. Here you’ll find word manipulation tools, random domain generators, tools to search for domains with a specific length and so on.

21. Wordoid

A wordoid is a made-up word that looks and feels like a real one. This tool will generate dozens of wordoids for you, and they can be great to name a startup or Web 2.0 company.

22. Shout Domains

This website offers two interesting tools: Domain Word Combiner and Domain Word Cruncher. The first one will combine words (e.g., adjectives, prefixes and suffixes) to your chosen keyword, while the second tool will make up words for you. The results are displayed in a real time list on the right side.

23. StuckDomains

Just like thousands of domains are registered every day, thousand others are not renewed by their owners and become available in the market again. With StuckDomains you can search for these dropped domains using keywords or other filters.

24. NXDom

This tool will generate hundreds of domain ideas for you. You just need to specify how the domains should start and/or, and the tool will output the suggestions in real time.

25. Xona Domain Hacks

A domain hack is a trick used to form a word by combining both the domain name and its extension. Examples include bla.st (blast), del.icio.us (delicious), and blo.gs (blogs). Once you input a keyword, this tool will automatically create the domain hacks for you with extensions from around the world.

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1 Peter

Wow, I didn’t even know all these sites with these magical options exist! Always was doing all this job manually by myself.
Thanks for this great share! Going to bookmark this url immediately!
Great work.
Best regards,

2 Himanshu

Very nice list Sahil,
This is my first comment on your blog.I will surely try these tool for searching domain name for my next blog. Frankly speaking, I don’t know about these websites. With the help of these tools, I will surely find a good domain name for my next blog.
Happy Blogging 🙂

3 Pau

Have to agree that this is a great list! I specially like that you also include a site to find recently expired domains – which can help with page rank of your new site, as long as you are careful not to inherit penalties.

4 leospittles

Finding the right domain, this helps, also paged ranked in the search engines,
having you own domain name, help builds your brand online.

5 Zeeshan Shaukat

I Think Adding a prefixes or suffixes to domain name is one of the most effective ways to grab a keyword that is relevant to your site, until you find something unique. Overall A Great Writeup Sahil 🙂

6 Tauseef Alam

Hi Sahil

There is one more site that i always visit when i search for a domain name, The site is who.is. It is owned by name.com.

The site gives you suggestions when you search any domain name availability.

7 Sagar

Nice and very informative post

It is a great collection of domain finding tools. many people find domain names for their business in different ways. They will be having some specifications for the domain name like x no. of letters, use of some special words, name with x extension, etc. Earlier domain name also had importance in online marketing. But after an Google update the importance of domain name has decreased. Even though the domain name should be able to indicate about your business. My personal favorite tool among them are ‘domainbot’, ‘domai.nr’, ‘domain fellow’.

Any nice work.

Thank you for sharing

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