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If you’re a Facebook page owner, you might know that Facebook allows you to set custom name for your Facebook page only if you have more than or equal to 25 fans/likes. The good news is that now Facebook allows you to set custom name for your Fan page with less than 25 fans even with 0 likes.

A custom Facebook page is like a custom brand name at the end of facebook.com/. For example http://facebook.com/iblognet is a custom Facebook name rather than http://facebook.com/pages/iblognet/xxxx. The advantage of having a custom page name is that anyone can remember your page URL, they don’t have to type in those long URL’s with ugly numbers and you can reserve it from the first day itself.

How to get custom Facebook Page Name?

1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ and select the page from the dropdown menu. Enter the custom name for your page and check for its availability.

2. If the name is available, press confirm and that’s it, you’re done. Your page is set with a custom name.

I recently created a demo page called Windows8Total with 0 likes and that too with a custom name. Check it here.
This is a great feature added by Facebook. New Page owners now have the advantage to preserve page with their brand name from the first day itself. Although if someone has already used the username with your brand name and you think that the username belong to you, you can report to Facebook from here and you can have your brand name back. Do share your views!!!

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