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How To Gain More Traffic From Forums?

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Forums sites are always used by people to get answers to their queries. And it’s not just limited to a single solutions, you can get different solutions to your queries from the members registered on that forum. On other hand “you” as a blogger or a webmaster can lure more traffic to your site by answering queries. The more solution you provide, the more traffic you get.



But often, many blogger and webmaster under estimate the power of forums. Forums can be a great asset if you use them correctly. As a webmaster, you can benefit from them in two different ways:
1) Posting to forums in your niche
2) Creating a forum for your site

Posting to Message Forums

One of the keys to having a successful site is to become the “expert” in your field or topic. You gain credibility by offering advice and finding solutions to problems people may have.

1. Choose the right forum that is related to your niche. You might be an active member on a forum, if not, you can do a quick Google search of forums that relates to your niche. Just type “YOUR NICHE forums” and you can get a list of them or you can check out Big-Boards.com. They have huge list of forums.

2. First thing’s First. Complete your profile. Some forum sites allows you to link your website, Facebook fan page and even twitter profile. Choose a good username and a good profile pic. Because these are the two things, how people will recognize you. Use your personal name and profile pic instead of using username like srdsf657 or using any actors or cartoon profile pic.

3. Be active and focus on one forum at a time. Be a power user on that single forum, and then you can switch on to another one. Focusing on one forum can build an authority for your profile, rather than registering on half a dozen forum sites splitting your time and making it more time consuming.

4. Always add a signature while completing your profile. A signature can be a link or text or a banner that appear below each one of your forum posts. You can link to your blog or any popular post of your blog [recommended]. Try to make maximum posts in the forum, so your signature gets maximum exposure. But don’t be spammy. Try to be informative or create a new thread that gets maximum replies.

5. Try to spend atleast 10 minutes a day on that forum, providing solution to queries or creating new threads by providing quality content, just like you do guest posting on other blogs. Post often and reply to every new thread created by other members.

6. Post on those threads which are popular, getting max replies, views or ratings. Because popular threads are always ranked higher in search engines and get maximum clicks.  The more posts you have on a forum, the more places your link will appear. That’s another reason why it’s so important to have a signature on every post.

Visit frequently with sound advice and helpful hints. Over time you build credibility and people are more likely to visit your website, take your advice and buy products you recommend.

Create Your Own Forum Board


Starting your own forum on your blog is another way to generate more traffic. Having an active forum on a website provides so many benefits to a webmaster:

  1. Another venue to post ads.
  2. Build credibility by posting helpful information.
  3. Great way to get ideas for new posts.
  4. Creates more traffic because people will return to read and respond to posts
  5. Many forums allow you to email your forum members (more promotion opportunities)
  6. Build bigger community around the blog.

But on the other hand, all above benefit comes with huge requirements. Everything will double up!

  1. You have to alot same amount of time and hard work as you do for your blog.
  2. Same SEO implementation.
  3. Moderate all Spam / Scam Threads.
  4. A dead forum can backfire your efforts.

So don’t open a forum on your site until you’re getting good amounts of traffic. Often times people start one without enough visitors, and it just sits there collecting dust. An empty forum makes your site look uninhabited and unpopular.

These are some of the ways that can help you to generate more traffic from forums. Do share you views! What are your ways of getting more traffic??

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1 jaison

very informative thanks for tips.

2 Rajkumar Jonnala

nice article forum posting is always a good thing to generate backlinks to to get good traffic

3 sanjay

Cool tips Sahil! At least keep an active profile on 3 forums, and try yahoo! answers too. Be helpful and they will give you traffic 🙂

4 Dm

To find your niche forums have a look at http://1topix.com/forum-directory/ as well
There are more than 4700 forum links in the database.

5 Janice

Thanks for sharing this traffic generation from forums. I have been doing forum posting before but a lot of forums nowadays requires more post before signature can be left.

6 Tania

Great tips and advice, forums can be a very powerful place to develop your credibility and authority on a subject or product. Profile signatures are a great way to link back to your site or blog and by engaging in the forum on a regular basis you give yourself more chances of being found through your signature link.

7 Justin

Good post! I personally have issues with it myself posting into forums, it takes a while to really learn what each is about and to find relevant information. Blogs seem to be more effective only because of the views given are from 1 person, and the commenting systems are great for finding additional information about the topic.

Just a personal opinion I guess, but good read none-the-less 🙂

8 Issac

Nice tips buddy, from a quite long im using forum commenting and it is helping me to get some raders. 🙂

9 Shrey Patel


Excellent Blog.
Amazing Information You Compiled with us.
Thanks for Sharing.
I am Crazy about your Blogs. Because your each and every blogs are different from another Blogs.
Once again Thank you.

10 Dany Moore

This is helpful post, because it shared the good information..Yes am talking in a right way..Forums are the very good effective way to get more traffic of a website..but after Penguin 2.1 rolled-out is it great or not? i don’t know exactly..Anyhow good to share with us..

11 Jack

I am always tired to participate forum, because of it taking too much time to get backlinks. But Now i am cleared, Your points are superb. I will complete my profile by this way. Thanks for this reasonable post.

12 samarth

Hi sahil,
nice article very informative and helpful post for me. for any blogger first dream is how get more traffic to website. i learn many things after reading your post. thanks for sharing.

13 Sahil Umatia

Thank you Samarth.

14 Glenys

Good tips. The added advantage of commenting on forums is the information they provide you. In other words, by reading the comments that have already been made you can learn more about questions that people have. You can also find experts who have something to say. So the exercise allows you to do research for your next post at the same time that you are promoting your blog.

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