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CommentLuv-License-GiveawayThere are few plugins that may be worth of money you invest in for your blog. CommentLuv is one of those plugin that will help you to build a successful blog, with loads of features for you and your readers. It helps you to to build social interaction and promote your content that will help you to build traffic for your blog and build your blog community. It helps in preventing spam and encourage social sharing. On other hand, reader gets backlink benefit when they link their content on your blog giving them loads of link juice with an anchor text. You can read the complete review of the plugin here.

If you’re already using the free version of CommentLuv and want to try out the Premium version, then here’s a chance to get an unlimited version of the plugin, absolutely free to one lucky reader.

How to Win this Plugin

This giveaway is powered by PunchTab. Follow all the steps as shown in the widget below:

Remember you can increase your winning chances by sharing the link provided in the widget & earn 5 points for each person who enters with your custom link.

Increase your winning chances [optional]

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Giveaway Duration

This Giveaway is valid from 30th Dec 2012 03:00PM EST to 25th Jan 2013 03:00PM EST . The name of the winner will be announced and contacted within 48hrs. If the winner doesn’t replies within 48 hours the prize will be forwarded to another winner.

Don’t miss this Golden opportunity!! Good luck everyone. If you have any queries feel free to leave a comment below.

Giveaway has Ended

The top three users with maximum number of entries are:

1. Bashir Ahmed – Plugin Winner

2. Shathyan Raja – 10000 PucnhTab points awarded.

3. Tesur Rajan – 5000 PunchTab points awarded.

Upcoming Giveaways

3 WordPress plugins, WordPress theme, Popular PC Game, Software and a Domain name. This giveaway will be based on PunchTab Loyalty program. Giveaway rules will be posted in coming next month.

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1 Tesur

I would like to win this awesome plugin…because I have seen one common thing between the most successful bloggers and that is they all use Comluv in their WordPress blog.

If I win this plugin, I’ll use it on my WordPress blog ‘BubbleIndia.com’

2 Koundeenya

I really love CommentLuv premium wordpress plugin. I’ve been using the free version of this and I really hope, I win this.

I’ve completed all the steps and have also voted for your post on BlogEngage.

All the best!

3 Adil

want to win this plugin because i have used the free version this is an awesome plugin.

4 Tan

Count me in. I hope I can win this as I am now using the free version.

5 Rony

Glad to hear that you are giving away the unlimited license version of Commentluv. I want to use this awesome plugin on my website.

6 Ileane

Hi Sahil! Nice of you to give one very lucky blogger a free CommentLuv Premium plugin. It’s the best!

Congrats to the winner.

7 Sahil Umatia

Thanks Ileane!

8 Shalu Sharma

This is a great plugin and one of the best a blogger can use. I am using it and I like thoroughly. Great give away. Best wishes to you.

9 Ganesh Maharjan

Wow..! Awesome giveaway…! Hope to win this giveaway to get CommentLuv. Completed all the steps of this giveaway..!

10 trung tran

I would like to win this giveaway 🙂
Good luck guys 🙂

11 Philip Alex

Hi Sahil,

I’ve been using the free version of the CommentLuv plugin, but the full version is a fascinating tool, definitely a must have.

Just wanted to ask you, have you ever had any compatibility issues with this plugin?

Thanks for hosting this giveaway,cheers.


12 Sahil Umatia

Thanks for entering the Giveaway. CommentLuv is a great plugin. Till now there has been no compatibility issue with the plugin.

13 Befreebies

I would really like to try this; I am currently re-writing my site in wordpress to take advantage of this type of plugin. I have entered as directed above. Thank you for the chance to win a free premium version of CommentLuv Premium.

14 Steve

Great giveaway, one of the most interesting ones that I have seen. I might consider giving away other useful plugins in the future, brilliant idea.

15 Rusty

Wow! This is amazing.. Premium Commentluv Plug in to be given away!! Hope I could get this one…

16 Syed Danial

its a good plugin I already have unlimited site license so best of luck participants

17 Bashir Ahmed

Hi Sahil,

Glad to know that you are giving away a nice and awesome premuim “CommentLuv” plugin license. I am participating in this contest and I hope I will win this for my blog, because I am using a free version.

Thanks for the great opportunity!

18 Sohil Memon

Hey Sahil,

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
I am using free version of comluv plugin on my new blog! but I hope for winning this license so that I can use on my new blogs!

Sohil Memon.

19 Obasi Miracle

Hope to win this mate

20 Raymond

This plugin is so cool.. Very useful especially in blogs. Hoping to win this. 🙂

21 Aseem Pahwa

Hi Sahil! Awesome giveaway…! I really love to participate but I’m already using the commentluv premium plugin.

Good luck everyone.

22 Enstine Muki

This plugin brought a new phase to my blog. It’s a revolution in blog commenting. Good luck to participants

23 Veero

I would love to add this plug in to my blog and desperately hoping to win it 🙂

24 Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

After several years of working with WordPress and other social media plugins I recently discovered Comment Luv and decided to give it a try. I’m not one to get excited about a plugin — hey, it’s a tool! — but I have to say I am very pleased with this one. Should I win the contest Comment Luv will be immediately deployed on all my own and my client WordPress websites. Nice.

25 Nishant Srivastava

Waiting for the results hope I will win this time, This is the best plugin for the comments.

26 Ronak

I will be using this plugin on my blog to gain popularity of my readers, for it’s simplicity & for encouraging conversations of my readers.

This plugin is one of its kind, unique & makes making comments easier, lucrative & simple.

I really like this plugin. Thanks.

27 Cass

Communication with our clients is so very important to the work we do.. your plug-in offers so much more! thanks for this opportunity to win it….

28 Mubashir

Great work done my friend… I love commentluv

29 Gurwinder

Awesome Giveaway!! Hope to win this 🙂

30 Vikram

I’m gonna go for it right now..Thanks for letting us know about the offer

31 Nitin

This is the best wp plugin i have ever seen to increase traffic on website and interactivity with readers and i am going to use this to my new technology blog.

32 Shathyan Raja

Thanks hosting a useful Giveaway.

This is one of the best plugin which every one will be wanting to have in their blog. This will gives us more traffic, Comments and reputation online.

I have now the Free Version of Comment luv, so If would win it, then it would be of great use where I would add all my blogs to CommentLuv Premium Version.

Thank You

33 Praveen Soni

This is an awesome plugin. i will use it on my Blog.
i am participating in this giveaway and all the best to all the participants.
hope i will win this plugin 🙂

34 Abhijit(

Hey nice giveaway,hope i win this.Best of luck to everyone

35 Praveen Soni

waiting for the result 🙂 hope I will win 🙂

36 Sahil Umatia

Hope for the Best!! 😉

37 Manoj Gadamsetty

Awesome giveaway I really like this plugin.This is the best word press plugin.
Waiting for the results hope I will win this

38 Ankit

I’ve entered the givewaway. Hoping to win! Fingers Crossed.

39 Sriramraj

It is good to see some of the top bloggers giving away comment luv. I hope to use it too in coming feature.

It is one of the best plugin every professional blogger love to have in his kitty

40 Essien Ekpenyong

Commentluv plugin is one of the best plugin for wordpress users. I will be glad to win this amazing plugin to boost my blog professionally

41 shasha

Best giveaway of the month, I would like to win this awesome plugin which drives amazing traffic. Thanks for this contest, Sahil.

42 Mukesh Kumar

Awesome giveaway, I am participating in this contest and I hope I will win this for my blog, because I am using a free version.. Simply fantastic! Thanks for it Sahil Umatia.

43 Sameer Manas

I need this plugin because I never even tried the free version yet 🙂

44 Plaban

I’m already using Comment Luv Premium on my blogs. It’s a must have plugin for all blogs. All the best to all participants 🙂

45 Kamil

Great idea with this giveaway 🙂

46 Sai Kumar

Hi Sahil, Awesome Giveaway bro! I’m already using CommentLuv Premium in my blog. CommentLuv Premium is 7 in 1 Plugin which is really awesome. Thanks for the Great Giveaway!

47 piyush goyal

Hi Sahil! Awesome giveaway…! I really love to participate
hope i will win

48 driving course online

Hi Sahil, Thank you for posting this. I know that there is no harm in trying. Let me try this and I hope that I could win. Thanks a lot for this informative post. Keep posting for more updates. Your work is greatly appreciated. Keep it up.

49 Ravi

Awesome Giveaway. Was Waiting for this one. Hope i win. Keeping fingers Crossed

50 Bashir Ahmed

Wow! I’m the winner of this awesome giveaway, I just got email from Sahil that I’ve been selected Commentluv winner. I’m so excited to getting this Plugin and use it on my blog. 🙂

Thank you so much Sahil for giving me chance to won this giveaway!

51 Sahil Umatia

You still need to confirm your email.

52 Bashir Ahmed

My email address is confirmed and I got your 2nd confirmation email. Now waiting for Commentluv account details.

Thanks Sahil!

53 Shathyan Raja

Congratz Bashir… Its nice to see you winning.

Make use of this plugin well and drive more traffic to your blog.

Happy Winning and Earning 🙂

54 Bashir Ahmed

Thank you so much Shathyan! I’m sure this plugin will drive more traffic and comments on my blog.

55 Sahil Umatia

Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway and making it a successful one.
Congratulations to Bashir Ahmed on winning the plugin.

56 sanchit

really CLP is good for not only business point of view but also for share our personal sites for readers and get knowledge about new sites of similar fields.

57 zahid

Site has great informative, unique content. All of our team loved it.

58 Southafrica Casino

How do I get this commentluv plugin? do I need to purchase it on the internet?

59 Sahil Umatia

Yes you have to purchase the premium one. Read the review here: http://www.iblognet.com/commentluv-premium-review.html

60 Akshay

Sir can I use this Plugins in Multiple websites ?

61 vipin

It is one of the best plugin every professional blogger love to have in his kitty. Do u know some quick ways to build backlinks? I have subscribed to your blog and love to know your views.

62 morad

I’ve been following this blog for quite awhile and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the great information you’ve shared with us over the years! To know about music news,new video songs and movie etc. free music downloads

63 Kimsea

Congratulation all winners, I hope we all will win the valuable plugin.

64 Howie Perks

I’m sorry that I missed this promotion. Comment LUV premium is a great giveaway. Congrats to all that got it!

65 Chetan

Congralutions Bashir for winning Comment Luv plugin, Hope and i pray god to be me a next winner 😀

66 Jess B

I haven’t tried this commentLuv thing but i have read about it’s benefits on various blogs including yours too so i am thinking to use it for a time being. if it will also bring magic to my blog too i will continue with it.

67 Shohel Sabbir

I’m so glad you found the advice in the post helpful! I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with you comment. I loved the way you summarized being successful through having a combination of action and the right mind set. I totally agree with you. The great thing about our minds is we can always change our thoughts and attitudes, to help us engage in action that will help us achieve our goals.

68 dapo fabs

just googling for commentluv premium and i stumbled on this blog. so sad i missed this. when will be the next giveaway? love to win something..

69 Akshay

Hello sir,
I’ve won this plugin in one of the Giveaway. Can I use it on multiple sites?

70 collins

waw! i really missed something here but i will subscribe to your blog new post to be informed when new give away starts

71 Jack

I’ve lost this Giveaway, so sad!

72 Sahil Umatia

I will be arranging another Commentluv Giveaway very soon!

73 Hillary

I just started using Commentluv and I’m loving it! Sorry I missed the giveaway, but thanks for introducing me to PunchTab.

I’m currently running a contest. I think the next one may use Punch Tab, and of course I’ll spread the world through CommentLuv.


74 Chetan Gupta

Hey Sahil
Thanks for this giveaway.
Actually I am also using this plugin and I really works awesome as everybody know. I am thinking that Is this plugin work well on multiple sites as like as on single blog????
Take care and keep enjoying
Chetan Gupta

75 Pasha

I started using Commentluv to encourage more comments on my blog. The premium version has lots of features, to bad I missed the giveaway. I will be checking out Punchtab to see if I can increase visitors and comments to my blog.

76 Sai Charan

WOW, thats really a nice give away.
But i missed, Hope you conduct many more give always like this.
This plugin really works in an awesome manner. I love it

77 Taxes Problems

Dear Sahil,
I liked what you said about This Giveaway is valid from 30th Dec 2012 03:00PM EST to 25th Jan 2013 03:00PM EST . The name of the winner will be announced and contacted within 48hrs. If the winner doesn’t replies within 48 hours the prize will be forwarded to another winner.
Continue this kind of articles because they are very good and useful, congratulations.

78 David Hunn

Unfortunately missed this chance for a little.
BTW: I need to buy a license, do you have any sort of coupons to save some money?

79 Sahil Umatia

Unfortunately there is no coupon. BTW, I will be giving away one more unlimited license in a Loyalty Giveaway coming very soon.

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