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Google New Page Algo: Penalizes Traffic For Too Many Above Fold Ads

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Are you displaying too many ads above the fold on your website? Then its time, that you should take down those ads soon or your website may be penalized for traffic and your search rankings will be lower down. Google has recently added a new page algorithm layout that looks at the layout of a webpage and the amount of content on the page. And if it has too many ads above the fold or you have to scroll down to read the content, then you site will be surely penalized with reduced site traffic.

The main motive behind this change was to provide better user experience when someone visits your website, instead of bombarding with ads above the fold. Its a common thing in SEO. If a user finds it difficult to find the actual content and needs to scroll down the page past a slew ads, the user would quickly bounce off. And this new page algo by Google would simply reduce your site traffic.

As said by Google;

This algorithmic change noticeably affects less than 1% of searches globally. That means that in less than one in 100 searches, a typical user might notice a reordering of results on the search page.

Google Browser Size Tool

However if you find any changes in your site traffic due to new page algorithm, it’s recommended that you use the Google Browser Size tool to check whether your content is above or below the fold. You can also try some chrome extensions here to see how your website looks on different browsers. If you decide to tweak your page layout, the page layout algorithm will automatically show the changes after enough pages have been re-crawled.

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1 Mike

So far I didn’t notice any changes for my website ranking in Google but I did see some drops for my competitors. Average drop is like 5-7 positions, so not very dramatic but still worth considering where to place your ads.

2 Ekta

Good information.
This would really help cut down sites that depend excessively on ads.
Do know how google reacts to websites that give a pop up ad as soon as you go to the homepage?

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