Gremln: A Web App To Manage Your Social Media Activity

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gremln logoStaying active and connected on social networking site is an important part if you’re an internet marketer or a blogger. Everytime you update a status, it’s shared in front of million of users which brings you visitors, customers and readers. The more social sites you register, the more visitors it brings. And therefore, you have to invest more time to manage these social networking sites.

There are many apps available, which lets you to manage all these networking sites, both offline and online. Some of them allows you to update status on all networking sites all at-once like ping.fm, while some of them allows you to schedule updates like bufferapp.com, and some of them also gives your detailed analytics of your social media activity like sproutsocial.com.

Gremln is a web app that allows you to manage all your social media activity under one roof. You can schedule “recurring” status message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on Ping.fm. Much like BufferApp, you can add multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Gremln gives you most of the features “free” than other paid social media programs. Check some of it’s feature below:

Schedule Recurring Messages

This one’s a great feature if you’re organizing a giveaway and if you want to tweet about the giveaway for a specific period or  till it ends. You can schedule recurring messages for a specific period. For example, see in the image below, I have scheduled a message about Namecheap and Hostgator discount coupon, which will be automatically tweeted for a month everyday at 11:00 AM.


You can also translate the message into another language or shorten the link using inbuilt brev.is URL shortner which will allow you to track link clicks. You  can also schedule your blog feed updates using Gremln, which allows you to add max 2 feeds as a free user.

Managing Multiple Account

Similar to TweetDeck you can manage multiple account and post messages or schedule from the Dashboard itself. As a free user you can add upto 5 social accounts. See the image below:


You can add other accounts by clicking on the “+Panel” button or you can even add a blog or any search term. If you click on any of the account you can see their twitter profile details, twitter timeline and also their Klout score.



You can get detailed statistics about your messages. If you have included any links in your messages using brev.is URL shortner, then you get detailed info about clicks and referrers. If you’ve linked any Facebook pages, you can also view your Facebook page insights. You can even see your Klout score, if you have an account with Klout.

There are many more features Gremln offers. You can check out these features here. Also if you’re a Pro or a Business user, do check out their plan and pricing – $6 to $500 per month with great added features. Also they do offer a 30-day free trial on all plans to check which plan fits you the best, so it’s worth trying, because it provides some cool features that even the paid version of Hootsuite doesn’t.

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1 Karen

I use Gremln and find it excellent to send out recurring tweets. I have had many click thrus to posts on my sites and i also use it to help some of my favorite colleagues and charities too!

Nice promo for them Sahil 🙂

2 Josh Nadeau

Thanks Sahil. I have used Gremln in the past, but have always found it easier to use web based platforms like Hootsuite. That being said, Gremln is a really good application as well. Thanks again.

3 CJ Holt

I agree with Josh, Gremln has it’s place, but Hootsuite is an all-in-one solution that really makes managing your social media that much easier.

4 imreviews

I to have used Hootsuite. But I will check out Gremlin and compare the 2. It may just fit my need better than Hoosuite.

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