6 Handy Website Building Tips

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tips-for-website-design1. Create a logo.
Branding is everything, so now’s a great time to create a logo for your business. You’ll want to take some time to choose the right style for your logo, from color(s) to font(s) to symbols, because once you’ve chosen a logo, you should stick with it. Change may be good for some things, but not for logos. Building brand awareness means being consistent, so design your logo with plenty of thought and care. Make sure your logo is branded everywhere you are, from your blog to social media to review sites.

2. Use smart navigation.
Navigational links should be prominent, and use breadcrumb trails to make it easy for visitors to navigate through sub-sections of your website. Display your navigation in your header (top of your page, centered), or first thing in your left or right sidebar, in order to make it easy to spot.

3. De-clutter.
White space is everything. Do away with the excess and slightly decrease font and image sizes. Use plenty of padding between displayed content in order to make it easy for visitors to browse through your website.

4. Ditch the stock photos.
Stock photos are so 2010, and some of them are quite cheesy, too. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, using your own photographs on your website will go a long way in vouching for your “realness”. More and more customers are appreciating companies who are authentic, so make sure you display your authenticity via your own photos.

5. Be social.
Sharing is caring. Be active on social media, and don’t hesitate to engage with your followers. Additionally, add social share buttons to your website that make it easy for interested customers and visitors to share your content with their family members and friends.

6. Be mobile-ready.
Up to 75 percent of consumers regularly visit websites via mobile devices. Build a website that uses a responsive layout that readily adapts to all mobile browsers and screen sizes. Of course, you’ll want to offer a “desktop” link so that viewers with larger screens can switch to your regular design if they prefer to.

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