How Many Blog Post Should I Write Per Day

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How Many Blog Post Should I Write Per Day

Once you have started your blog you will need to determine what are your goals to start a blog. It’s important for every blogger to update it’s blog everyday, so that your loyal readers keep visiting your blog to find new content and updates. If you want to expand your blog and keep building your blog readers, it’s important that you should decide how many blog post should you write per day.
The posting frequency mostly depends on your blog content, what makes it more appealing, your opinion and and your blog readers. You won’t like to read a newspaper with same news everyday. That’s why I decided to write a post on how to and how many post should you write per day.

When To Write
Writing need prior planning to get expected results. It need time and ideas to write articles so that it clearly reflects you thought. Even if you have decided to post one article per day try to make it a best one. Just stick to it what you have decided to.

Schedule your post or try to write on weekends if you are too busy with your schedules. Whenever an idea strikes in your mind just write it so it makes a good flow of your idea in the article. In this way you can keep your blog updated.

Post Length.
Your post length totally depends on how much time you alot to put down you thoughts and ideas in a article. Search engines like long post. If your article is long, the frequency of post per day should be lower. Conversely, if the post is shorter, the frequency of post per day should be higher.

The goal of your blog is to give readers what they want so they can derive value from it. The more information you provide to your readers, the more they will try to go in-depth with your article.

Always remember, if you are posting long articles, don’t just chunk them into a single paragraph. Present your article to your readers  in such a format so they don’t get muddled up. Break long articles into para’s, use large headings, bullets or numberings to format your article. The same also applies to shorter articles.

Number of Post/day.
This depends on various factors.

  • If you are new to blogging, I would recommend you to post atleast 3 post per week. You can slowly increase this frequency to 5 post per week and then 1 or 2 post per day after a month. This will also help you to improve your writing skills.
  • Type of Niche: If you have a wide niche with lots of news and updates on your blog, like Mashable or TechCrunch, you will need to post more to cover it all.
  • The number of readers visiting your blog per day. This factor have a high impact on your post frequency. If you have less number of readers, posting frequency should be low. About 1 post per day. If you are getting large number of visitors per day, you should post atleast 2 to 3 post per day.
  • Sometimes posting too much can frustrate your reader and force them to unfollow your blog. There’s need to be a balance between your post frequency per day keeping the readership level in mind. Your post frequency should not exceed the the tolerance level of a reader. If you post too much in a day, the readers will obviously stop reading your blog and unsubscribe from your blog.

Finally, it concludes that the post frequency totally depends on your blog readership level and the type of blog niche. The post frequency should be high if your blog have high readership and low frequency if readership is low.

Also if you’re a newbie blogger and not an expert in writing contents, try to post atleast 3 articles in a week. This will also help you to develop your writing skills and build readership slowly.

You are not limited to just post only 3 post per week as a newbie. If you are a serious blogger and an expert in your niche and in writing content you can start posting 2 to 3 articles per day. Search engine love blogs which are updated regularly. This will indirectly build your blog readership and expand your blog.

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1 David

Thanks Sahil Umatia , now I do know now that I have to find the right balance between the number of posts and what my readers can keep up with. I had tried to post 2 posts per day and saw a reduction in the number of subscribers. I think now I have a hint what could be the problem. Thanks again.

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