How To Blog While Suffering From Slow Internet Connection

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Blogging is one of the most common activities on the Internet, with over 156 million public blogs available in 2011. Nearly anyone can start a blog on any topic or subject. But when it comes to blogging, there is generally one restriction – an Internet connection. In order to research topics and update posts, bloggers require a reliable Internet connection; without it, blogging would be impossible.

However, if you’re suffering from a bout of slow Internet, use your time wisely. The following tips are useful ways to help your blog while disconnected.

5 Ways to Supplement Your Blog in the Meantime

The first step when faced with a slow Internet connection is to troubleshoot and determine the problem. But in the meantime, using the following steps can help you with your blog.

1. Brainstorm New Ideas

One of the main problems that bloggers face is writer’s block, and the inability to come up with new ideas. Therefore, writers often must spend considerable time brainstorming and devising new blog posts. While the lack of an Internet connection presents obvious disadvantages, it can be an opportunity in disguise.

There are a number of different ways through which the blogger can find inspiration, whether through conversations with peers or simply taking a walk. Make sure you have a way to jot ideas down, in order to remember them for future blogging endeavors.

2. Write Out Blog Posts

Once the blogger has brainstormed enough ideas, the next natural step is to write the blog post. The lack of Internet can be the ideal time to write, as it removes distractions and time-wasters. In addition, formatting the blog posts with the necessary html tags can save you a lot of work in the future.

3. Alternative Research Methods

With the advent of the information age, many bloggers have come to heavily rely on the Internet for research and new ideas. But the lack of Internet should not completely cut off all opportunities for blogging. Reading newspapers, watching TV, browsing magazines – these are all prime opportunities for blogging inspiration. In addition, bloggers can construct blog posts around interviews and polls, which does not require Internet in order to connect to the individual.

4. Optimize Your Computer

If you absolutely require connection, you should look into what is causing the problem. Conducting a speed test can help bloggers determine whether their Internet connection is the dilemma, or whether there is an external cause for the problem. Clearing up your hard drive and closing additional programs can help to speed up your computer, removing the strain on Internet bandwidth.

5. Queue Your Posts

If you know that your Internet will be a problem in the future, plan ahead and work around this problem. Many content management systems offer a feature in which bloggers can queue and schedule posts for a specific date and time. This feature allows bloggers to populate their blog with consistent content and maintain a regular schedule.

A slow Internet connection can hinder your blogging progress, but only if you allow it. Take advantage of the lack of the Internet to help your blog through offline means.

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1 rakesh kumar

Thank god i am not on a slow internet connection. Otherwise i would love to use windows live writer and then upload my written article on my blog.

2 Irfan

The best think to overcome while suffering with such connection is, not to depend on your PC as it can lost it connection anytime. Just believe in yourself and try to markup points in a notepad so that when you come to your PC you at least have idea of what to write and where to start from.

This tips have also been used when I have so many guest post offer and time is less. I try to be follow my own tips to come in time.

3 Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

One thing I have come to realize is that when you are having internet connection problems while writing a post, its helps you to be more focused and internet distraction-free.

In this case, you can effectively use the Parkinson’s Law to your full advantage

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