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There are many thing to consider when you start your online business. Like what type of CMS you should go for managing your contents, what should be the domain name and where you can get the best deal. But overall, the most important aspect of your online business is the Web Hosting part. It acts like a root, to your online business. If the root of your business is not strong enough, it won’t take more than a month to shut down. Its very much similar to buying a Super Computer. Some of you might just go for the cheap one for a start up, but later, the loss would be all yours. If price is not your criteria, then you could have the best web hosting, which can boost your business to top of search engines.

Now many times a user has similar confusion is choosing the right web hosting. Like which is the best web hosting provider, should I go for Shared or Dedicated, what CPanel features I need, do I need Back Up option, how Reliable it is in terms of uptime and customer support. And then there are many more thing, which makes a user muddled up in choosing the right one. So this article will basically guide you in searching the right Web hosting provider. Then you can do a research accordingly and buy the best one for your business at a fair price.

Space and Bandwidth.

First you need to know how much space and bandwidth will be required for your website. If you website is static with very few pages you can go for a limited monthly plan. If you website is dynamic, like blogs with new articles everyday, images or video sharing blogs, then obviously you would need an unlimited hosting package. The more simple your site the less space & bandwidth you will need to keep it online.

However it is advisable that you go for a limited plan, if your website is new. Because you can estimate the size of your website as it grows and the traffic it will receive. You can opt-in for unlimited plan next time. But, if your website has downloads or any video/audio streaming, it will dramatically increase the space and bandwidth requirement. So it depends on what kind of website you’re developing.

Shared or Dedicated Hosting.

In Shared web hosting service, many websites are hosted on a single server. Each website is hosted on it own partition, just like a hard disk is partitioned for different purposes. Shared hosting is cheaper and its doesn’t requires heavy maintenance. This type of hosting is basically for static websites with very few pages. Also Shared hosting usually has usage limits, but you should check for extensive reliability hosting.

In Dedicated web hosting, your website is entirely hosted on a private server. This type of hosting is basically used by dynamic websites, like hosting large number of videos, lots of contents or downloads. This type of hosting is more flexible than shared hosting as you have full control over the entire server. But it does requires heavy maintenance and its more costlier than shared hosting. In short if you have just started your website or its a static website with few pages, then you should go for shared hosting. And if you’re ready to spend some more bucks on the hosting part, and want full control over the server with additional features, you should go for Dedicated hosting.

Operating System
Now whenever you buy a hosting package, you also need to determine which operating system you would use, to run all those servers, software’s and plugins. Often there are three different types of operating systems to choose for: Windows, Linux  or Unix. [Mac is very uncommon nowadays] Each operating system has its own different features, functionality and price. And it depends on what type of website you develop.

Linux operating systems are widely considered due its better functionality and stability. Windows operating system are stable too, but some of its features are limited and are costlier. Both operating systems has its own differences. While Unix is almost similar to Linux operating systems, but it consists of two types: Free BSD and Open BSD.This systems are harder to install and it requires heavy maintenance. But once installed, the server works very smoothly, that you will get used to it very soon. But if you want some added security to your Unix server, you would have to compromise with some of its features, which you don’t want too. That’s why Windows and Linux operating systems are widely considered.

HTML pages and javascripts are supported by both, Windows & Linux operating systems. However, if you’re developing you website in CGI/Perl/PHP you should go for Linux operating systems because of its flexibility. Windows also support these features, but its very limited. However, if you’re developing website in ASP you should go for Windows operating systems. Also if you website is dynamically driven you would need to create databases using mySQL and Access. And here, Access is available only in Linux operating systems, while mySQL is available in both operating systems. So overall, Linux is the best operating in terms of flexibility and stability. But it all depends on what type of website you develop.

Whatever your hosting package might be, reliability is the main thing you should look for. There are many type of providers out there, to lure you with many features and best deals. But when it comes to reliability, they would just back off or won’t give you proper response during downtime or server crash. But not all of them are same. Many hosting companies provide 24/7 support. They reply to your queries and try to provide you with a quick solution as soon as possible. Now the main thing is that how would you identify them.

The first thing is to check the company track record. Search for some reviews about the hosting company on internet. These reviews would say a lot about the hosting company. Note down the positive and negative reviews about the company. The higher number of positive reviews, add a tick mark sign. The higher number of negative reviews, blacklist them from your list adding cross mark sign.

Another thing you need to check for is the up-time guarantee and back up options for security. Everyone’s not perfect, so don’t expect for 100% up-time. There’s always a 0.1% of downtime. And you don’t want your readers to go away from your site just because its loading too slow. So check if there’s a 99% of up-time available and a fast loading server. Also see if the company has a regular back up option available. You can restore you site to a previous state, if anytime your server crashes. Also check if the Web host offers spam filtering and virus protection. You don’t want your site to be attacked by a spammer or a hacker.

Other Things to Remember

  • Price should never be the option. If the hosting company is offering you unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a low price, don’t go for it. The company will give you unlimited package, but you would have to compromise other features, up-time guarantee, technical support and many other factors.
  • Good technical support via telephone, WebChat or email. Give a try asking them some queries about the hosting package, and check how long it takes for them to reply your query.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Check if there’s any administrative fee required during transferring or canceling of hosting package. Check for money back guarantee, if you have any problem with hosting server you can always get refund within a period of time.

Choosing the perfect web hosting for your website is an arduous task. Even the top web hosting provider has complaints and bad reviews. So its important that you do a proper research about the web hosting company and then make a final decision about the web hosting. If you think, that I missed something really important step in guiding you, please do comment below. Do share your views!!!

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1 Ammar Ali

Which web host you suggest ? which can provide best support, uptime etc??

2 Sahil Umatia

My first choice would be Hostgator. And then Dreamhost or Bluehost!

3 arie

very helpful, because I want to try to create a self hosted wordpress blog,, thank very much

4 Chris

In your article, you stated that “price should never be the option. If the hosting company is offering you unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a low price, don’t go for it. The company will give you unlimited package, but you would have to compromise other features”. This is very true. I have been hosting websites for clients through giszo.com and the unlimited plan is a bit more expensive the other hosts out there. But, hosting is on a cloud infrastructure which provides great hosting performance.

5 William

Choosing a good web hosting is not an easy job among so many varieties available. I’ve found this post mentioned information quite educative to choose best web hosting provider nicely. Good web hosting makes sure website long time possibility and visitors browsing satisfaction as well. Therefore thanks a lot for putting all crucial info to choose best web hosting in your article. I really enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work.

6 Philip

Hi Sahil,

I think a great tip for people when trying to decide if they should go with a hosting service is to take full advantage of the trial period they offer. I’ve been doing this with every service I tested so far.

First thing you should do is to test their customer service, how fast are they to answer your support tickets and very importantly how well are they able to help you solve your problem.

This way you can determine if a service is worth purchasing or not.

Yeah I think price should never be something you should choose as a guide when making a decision. Since hosting is an important investment we all make for our websites I don’t think buy cheap hosting service will do people any good.

Thanks for the tips Sahil, I see you’ve got some technical expertise with server, I learned a couple of things from your post.

Have a wonderful week my friend.Cheers.


7 kishore

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SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING? I’m hoping to get our weblog to get ranking for a lot of specific keywords and phrases yet I’m not necessarily discovering great benefits.

8 samrat

Its really a nice post and very much helpful post for which I am actually looking for. Web hosting service provider is really essential for proper web development and to enjoy the benefits of trail period.

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